RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Which Event Was Better Whelen Mod Tour At Stafford Or Tri-Track Open Mod Series At Monadnock?

The Whelen Modified Tour made its 2021 New England debut Friday with Patrick Emerling winning a rain-shortened NAPA Spring Sizzler 150 at Stafford Speedway. The Tri-Track Open Modified Series opened its 2021 schedule Saturday at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. with Sam Rameau out-dueling Matt Hirschman and Ron Silk late for the win. Today’s Daily Poll question asks, which event was better? Vote below.


  1. The NWMT race was pretty good until they tried running on a wet track in the rain. That didn’t work out.

  2. the wheeling race was better until the rain came and ruined the race. it should have been stopped but evidently jimmy wilson doesn’t care about the competitors all he cares about is protecting his job because he knows its on the line. and the wheeling tour is in trouble in the northeast. he should keep his rules the same for everybody and not change them from race to race. he definitely needs to open his eyes up to reality.

  3. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Could this year be the last of the WMT in Connecticut? Wouldn’t surprise me.

  4. The sooner Jimmy Wilson gets promoted, the better off the NWMT will be.

  5. Jack Spade says

    Jimmy Wilson should get fired! Put someone in there that knows how to run a business or tour. I heard tri-track and Act Tour are teaming up for a tour 2022 of 13-14 races that would kiss Jimmy Wilson good bye.

  6. Jack Spade,
    I don’t think what you “heard” is quite on point.

  7. I would think since every driver can communicate with his or her spotter and crew they would of said something about track conditions if they were as bad as everyone seems to think, maybe we can here from a driver or crew chief

  8. Elect, did you watch the race? It was obvious.

    No spotter, driver etc. will say anything for fear of NASCAR discipline.

  9. Fast Eddie says

    Stafford was good considering the conditions if you exclude the final restart. That should definitely have not happened. I didn’t get to monadnock, so for me stafford was better ’cause i was threre.

  10. Dadope I was there in the pits not watching from the basement

  11. Elect, if you were there, why didn’t you ask the drivers or the teams what the drivers were saying about the conditions. Of course, IF you were there.

  12. Fred Wilcox says

    I’m sorry but I can’t seriously consider any opinion(s) from someone who refers to the wheeling race/tour (twice) in their comments. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I decided on the 75 lap tour modified event at Evergreen Speedway. That precluded a trip to New England for the Friday/Saturday night tour-type double.

  13. What the heck is a wheeling race? Is that as opposed to a horse race?. Jimmy Wilson on the hot seat is he? Kill the ump!!! The detractors didn’t lay a glove on him after the Myrtle Beach misfire last year as soon after he became the rain maker of race events in a drought. Now enforcing rules and producing schedules in trying times he’s likely one of the more creative and productive employees NASCAR has.
    That’s it, let it all out……the anger. On Friday Mariah would not be ignored. That’s right they call the wind Mariah and she exacted a heavy toll on the ticket stubbers at the race enduring her wrath. Many damaged by the experience as well as the ending and now this cruel poll throwing salt on the wounds of their trial.
    The poll says event as opposed to race. The ticket stubbers. the best fans of racing at the event are our heroes for surviving Mariah’s wrath, her multiplying affect on the cold and then the proverbial straw the rain. However you need to lick your wounds now and recover from the experience. Take two sunny then warm June nights of racing and see how you feel come mid summer. We remotes not effected by adverse conditions may be more objective in judging the two “events”

    CROWD- Stafford sold out in reduced capacity conditions. Monadnock a robust crowd but not sold out with a smattering in their gleaming new stands.. Advantage Stafford.
    Conditions-cold in New Hampshire. Epic wind, cold and moisture at the end at Stafford. Advantage Monadnock.
    Car Count-84 tour, SK and Light modifieds at Stafford with the headliners producing 28 cars. 111 Pure, Minis, NHSTRA Mods, Trucks and tour mods with the a headliner count of 34. Advantage Monadnock.
    Headliner presentation- 4 stacked heats in New Hampshire, time trials at Stafford. Advantage Monadnock.
    Execution- both events running late by a lot in adverse spectator conditions. Both tracks fail.
    Competition- Stafford SK race satisfying and the SK Light race had it moments of side by side racing but neither breathtaking. The NWMT race judged badly for the premature and unsatisfying ending but was actually above average on replay viewing the race within the race and specifics of the dramatic ending. Three trucks finished under a blanket in New Hampshire and the TTOMS race about as good as it can get with the grasshopper beating the masters at their own game. Advantage Monadnock..
    The side by side shouldn’t be three to one but Monadnock clearly was the special show of the weekend. Including the GSPSS series event that produced another good crowd but let them down with a GSPSS car count fail.
    Honorable mention to Evergreen won by Hirschman over a robust turn out of cars mostly not in the 60’s class. And a successful opener at Riverhead with 19 tour mods with their regulars duking it out as usual and 24 crate mods including a familiar name the Kenneth Massa 51.

  14. Dadope I was in pits , I wasn’t in the car so I couldn’t ask the driver , and I wasn’t in the infield so I couldn’t ask the crew , and I haven’t been the one saying how wet the track was so I had no reason to ask anyone about conditions , go back to the basement .like someone ( I won’t give a name ) just said Spenser speedway is for sale , someone with your knowledge should have no problem showing us all how a track should be run from your basement

  15. Elect, if you were in the pits, as you allege, then you could ask any driver or team member. They are all there, all around you if you were in the pits. What about after the race? DOn’t you hang out in the pits after race? They are on the radios during the race in the stands, you can ask them. I know I do. But they might not talk about it on the radios for fear of Big Brother. Of course, you would have to be in the pits, and know who to look for.

    Coming on to forums like these asking for drivers or team members to opine is absurd, even more so if you were allegedly in the pits.

    But then, I wouldn’t brag about going to Stafford in that weather. The forecast was for brutal, and indeed it was. There’s a reason why we have weather forecasting… to avoid spending time outdoors exposed to that kind of weather. And yes, I was extremely comfortable in my nice warm, weather proof home watching the race unfold. It was rather shocking to see how empty the stands were, clearly whatever people showed up did not stick around. Given the weather forecast, I’m amazed Stafford/NWMT/NBCSN didn’t make sure the race started early. Letting the start time drift out to 9:40 PM was pure fan unfriendly.

  16. You idiots are going to go after someone that is clearly not well versed in using a computer 🖥 or managing auto-correct? After all the horrible grammar on here, massive misspellings as SNAFU, rampant misuse of homonyms, you are going after someone else who is not much different than yourself? Doug, do you think your life can get any worse?

  17. Think I remember Justin Bonsignore coming on here once to correct some misconceptions someone posted ,can’t remember who the idiot was , can you?

  18. And what makes you think JBon was correct? 😝😝😝. He wasn’t. 🤣🤣🤣

    Bragging about going to Stafford on Friday, or ridiculing another for not going, makes you look like a very special idiot. Yep, I’m glad I didn’t go to Stafford.

  19. And add homophones to that list.

  20. Don’t remember bragging ,but I’ll ask if the Arutes can provide me with a weather forecast before I buy a season pass next year , don’t see that being a problem .I only ridicule one person on here or more like pointing out the obvious. LOL

  21. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.
    “And just a reminder, I was right, again.”
    “See, I was right. Even Earl can finally get it.”
    “wmass01013, you were correct when you addressed me as “genius”.
    “Hey Doug, I was right again.”



    259 Since you (Doug) are replying to just about everything I post, you are clearly not ignoring my posts, liar.
    260 Whomever was calling the shots (for the Sizzler) are complete idiots.
    261 Stupid is as stupid did (Stafford and Nascar)
    262 Stupid is as stupid did. (repeated Stafford and NASCAR)
    263 stupidity has to be called out (Nascar and Wilson on Sapienza)
    264 tyranny by the NASCAR weenies (Sapienza penalty)
    265 All these stupid rules do is give weenies (NASCAR officials) too much power and authority over common sense.
    266 It is deserved and needed to prevent more stupid decisions and tyranny.(by NACAR)
    267 Besides the content of what is being announced (at Stafford) as useless to bizarre, it is loud
    268 No driver will call NASCAR or the track the bunch of idiots that they
    269 You idiots are going to go after someone that is clearly not well versed in using a computer or managing auto-correct?
    270 (Elect) Bragging about going to Stafford on Friday, or ridiculing another for not going, makes you look like a very special idiot.

    TOTAL INSULTS IN 2021 THROUGH DAY 124……………………………270

    NEW TRAUNCH OF INSULTS SINCE DAY 120 ……………….…………..12



  22. not being able to edit your comments after posting stinks. I often post something and then read it. More times than not, I am disappointed with something I wrote, either content, spelling or grammar there is something that could have been better. It happens. I think if everyone can figure out what you are trying to say, its should be considered a successful post..

    This poll is showing about 3 to 1 in favor of Tri track. Do you think the results are primarily due to weather issues at Stafford or people generally favor Tri tracks format over Nascars. I will be honest, 9 times out of 10 I will vote for Tri track over Nascar. I just like the format much better with heats and green flag laps vs time trial and counting yellows.. I also prefer quarter miles to half miles. It would have to be a horrible tri track show and great Nascar tour race for me to vote Nascar.

    At the cup level they have implemented several changes (dirt track, more road course, cone choose rule) to make their series better or more interesting. What changes have they done on the tour over the last few years to improve their shows?

    Now I like both and will watch both but my personal preference lies with Tri Track right now. It has been for several years and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. We should be thankful we have two great series to entertain us. Competition usually improves quality and keeps prices in check. There is probably room for a couple of tour type series if they schedule politely. Those series that dont provide quality entertainment will eventually fail.

  23. csg, I’ll say the poll favors TTOMS because the Stafford NWMT event sucked, and the TTOMS event was pretty good. The favor to TTOMS might even be better if they started earlier and the PA system worked. The NWMT event might not have sucked so bad if they started the race earlier to avoid the pending rain, and then finished the NWMT race before the rain. When the Big Dogs are in town, the undercard has to be molded around the main event.

  24. Earl, if you were there Friday, in the pits, how could you not know that Matt B. was there?

  25. There’s another recent poll unencumbered by any specific events showing series relative popularity.


    Tri Track will usually poll better but race attendance is stronger at NWMT events. I’m guessing live stream hits for the NWMT far outpace Tri Track.

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