It’s On, Again: Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Back On Schedule At Speedbowl For August

It’s on. It’s off. It’s really off. And … it’s on again.

The saga that has been the return of the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series to the New London-Waterford Speedbowl took another turn on Tuesday.

Management from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series announced Tuesday that the series will indeed run an event on Aug. 6 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

The announcement comes five days after Speedbowl management announced on social media that The Racing Guys promotional group, led by longtime New England promoter, Dick Williams, would be putting on a Tour Type Modified event at the Speedbowl on Aug. 6.

A statement from Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series management Tuesday read: “Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series ownership has worked with Speedbowl upper management over the past few days to confirm August 6 as the fifth date on the 2022 schedule.

“Absent from the schedule since 2016, the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series is not only looking forward to getting back to the shoreline oval in 2022 – but has an eye on building a long-term relationship and is hopeful to make the Waterford date an annual, marquee event.

“More details surrounding the race will be forthcoming.”

As of 2:40 pm on Tuesday – at the time of publishing this report – no official announcement or social media postings had been made by Speedbowl management updating the situation. Attempts to reach Speedbowl general manager Mike Marfeo were not successful.

The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series announced last November that the series would return to the New London-Waterford Speedbowl for the first time since 2016 for an Aug. 6 race in 2022.

When Speedbowl management announced their 2022 schedule on March 10 the Aug. 6 Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series event was not included on the schedule. From March 10 until June 4 there was little information from either side on where the event stood. It remained listed on the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series schedule online, but was never added to the Speedbowl’s schedule.

On June 4 Williams was at the Speedbowl communicating to people in the pits that his group would be putting on the Aug. 6 event at the Speedbowl instead of the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series.

On June 10 Speedbowl management announced through Facebook that there would be an 80-lap Tour Type Modified event on Aug. 6 at the Speedbowl that would be put on by The Racing Guys. On Tuesday afternoon that announcement remained on the Speedbowl Facebook page.

New London-Waterford Speedbowl Facebook announcement from June 10

On June 10, following the social media announcement on the Speedbowl Facebook page, The Racing Guys also posted on Facebook announcing the event and on Twitter thanked the Speedbowl for bringing them back.

Williams has been working to promote selected events at the Speedbowl for the last two seasons. Attempts to reach Williams on Tuesday were not successful.

Williams co-founded the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series in 2014 with Jim Schaefer. In 2017 former Modified team owners Wayne Darling and Mark Pennink took over ownership of the series, with Williams and Schaefer remaining on staff.

Prior to the 2019 season Pennink left the series, selling his share of the series ownership to Bennett, also a former Modified team owner. Following the 2019 season Williams and Schaefer parted ways with the Tri-Track Series. Since leaving the series, Williams and Schaefer have continued to promote Modified events at Northeast short tracks under the banner of The Racing Guys.

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series ran two events at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in 2015, with Ron Silk and Woody Pitkat scoring victories. The series also ran two events at the track in 2016 with Stepen Masse and Matt Hirschman scoring wins.


  1. now I’m really confused

  2. Stuart A Fearn says

    wonder who “upper management” at the Bowl is … This was a B to B transaction so they say would be my guess.
    Excellent reporting Shawn, always getting the scoop

  3. Wtf. Speeedbowl has more drama than a high school cafeteria around prom time. Did you hear the latest. The bowl dumped tt for rg. Only to get back with Tt 4 days later.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    More twists and turns than the Nurburgring on a rainy day!

  5. “Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series ownership has worked with Speedbowl upper management over the past few days to confirm August 6 as the fifth date on the 2022 schedule.

    Upper management????? UPPER??? Really… Must have a very sophisticated corporate structure organization chart that results in all that excellent management and novel decisions. It really shows.

    I crack myself up.

    😝 🤣😂😝🤣😝🤣😂🤣😂

  6. Mike Serluca says

    Bemer and Monaco have a long-standing relationship. I’m sure that has factored in. There is a Monaco Ford sign on the backstretch at the Bowl as well. Scheduling touring events at the Bowl is no easy task. Lots of hoops to jump through, especially when you’re spending “someone else’s” money.

  7. Hillary 2024 says

    Wait what? Williams wouldn’t answer your call?

  8. Suitcase Jake says

    ” AS WATERFORD TURNS ” ……. daily soaps….. wait for it….. Tri – Track out again….LOL

  9. Sounds to me like we have two open modified series events scheduled on 8/6; MMTTS and The Racing Guys? And as usual no comment by Speedbowl management. What else is new.

  10. Just goes to show you how popular the speedbowl is. Promotors fighting over a racing date. It would be tragic if the speedbowl closed, right now racing competitors have three nights of track use a week.

  11. This is freaking hilarious!!!!!


    All you 🚽 defenders, enablers, and vapid fans, you all look like a bunch of fools.

  12. knuckles mahoney says

    Do these organizations sign contracts for race dates?

  13. Mark Andrews says

    The crowds on Sat And Wed are consistent,And car counts ok.How in the world would any touring series want to go to a venue with Limited Food and Beverage Offerings,As well as Restroom Issues.Plus the fact that although the stands are recent,The capacity has been cut considerably.With all that in mind,Where is the ability to generate enough money from all the aspects,To justify the cost of any touring division?We follow various Series at various tracks.Onviously the on Track Product matters.However if my wife can find a decent restroom and food lines are too long,Why even bother?Perhaps as a Local Track supporting the 2 nights and the particular divisions works better…and that’s fine too.But why all the hullabaloo about this series or that.

  14. Some of the best events in modified history have been at the Speedbowl. If you don’t know what the slang term slam dunk means just watch the car count and audience in attendance and it will give you a good idea. This is a big deal isn’t it? Sure they’ve had some big events but let’s get real. This is THE coming out party for the track since the renovation and reopening and the fans deserve it. I was hoping the two most prestigious touring series would stay away from Creepy Bruce for his tenure as owner but what are you gonna do. Can’t fight the will of modified nation so it’s game on.
    Ah to be privy to all the drama between the four principles of the MMTTS and Racing Guys conversations with the track. Talk about history. Hard feelings between some of the parties, strong arming, big event sponsors names bandied about, consolidating your supporters, local racing politics all swirling around the drama queen. Bet he loves all the attention. Will a jilted suitor end up adding this fiasco to their account of bitter feelings and if so who will it be directed at? One thing is clear or it should be. When you invite the fickle class drama queen to the prom you have to be prepared for a last minute change of heart. Or in this case more then one.
    Yup the Monaco Ford sign is right on the back stretch over on the end. Almost like it knows the stigma the name on that big ass yellow sign carries and is staying as far away as possible. What are there like 8 signs total including Bemer’s. Probably not a fair comparison because of the SRX exposure but Stafford has something like 35 to 40 billboards. Are those empty billboards blacked out or are they paintings of the black cloud still hanging over the track it’s not clear on the video?
    How about the sub plot going on here I’ll bet I’m not the only one that’s considered it. Now how exactly do these MMTTS races work? Are they track rentals or is it a co promotion? In either case MMTTS has a good relationship with RaceDayCt or a least it appears to be the case. Is the owner of this publication going to be at the Speedbowls return to tour modified relevance? The return of the prodigal son so to speak. If so don’t forget to pack your armor if you’re going in the paddock. No not physical armor I’m sure the Speedbowl faithful will all be perfect ladies and gentlemen for the most part. More psychological armor for the outliers and there are always some of those.
    Stafford, Seekonk, Monadnock, Star, Thunder Road and now the Speedbowl. It was inevitable I suppose but somehow doesn’t seem like if you’re comparing managements and reputations Waterford deserves too be in the company with the other tracks.
    Oh well the people have spoken so we naysayers must accept the result. Or do we, these days it’s not so black and white is it race fans?

  15. Rafter fan says

    I believe Bruce Bemer and Dave Monaco (who raced at the Bowl and Stafford) are both Glastonbury natives of roughly the same age. Given that, and their local businesses, it is not surprising that they may have a long term relationship, as indicated by Mike Serluca above.

    As a Tri-Track official said, “it’s Bruce Bemer’s track and he can do whatever he wants”.

  16. Longtimefan says

    As someone who attends the races at all 3 Ct tracks. Yes stafford is great, great car counts, and incredible promotion, but the racing itself is second place to Waterford. of all 3 tracks, Waterford has the best racing, not just modifieds, but every division. Stafford has exciting bottom shot passes on entry?? sure, Warerford has Incredible passes bottom, top, middle, straightaway, ect.. it’s Incredible, it truly is the best Racing surface in Connecticut. Stafford is fortunate to be family owned for generations, with no mortgage, and has a huge headstart on promotion, and they should be appluaded for that. Waterford is Not a profit generating business for its owner, the owner owns it as a hobby business, for simply a love of the sport, the owner has Main businesses that do make profits, that understandably have to take priority. Eventually, hopefully Waterford will get a better structured management team, to get the weekly racing promotion, and communications up to modern standards. as for the facility, Waterford is a driver’s track, drivers Love racing there, it provides the best modified racing there is. Could the food concessions be better? sure, are they terrible? NO. Could promotion, advertising, and communications be better?? YES! is that terrible? no, but it’s definitely a work in progress. Bottom line, unlike Thompson, the bowl is open EVERY WEEK, twice a week, and it’s in the best possible location.I’ll be there this saturday, watching 3 wide passing in Every division!

  17. It’s Wednesday evening, do you know where your entry list is?

  18. steve wrote, “Just goes to show you how popular the speedbowl is. Promotors fighting over a racing date.”

    steve has a big, beautiful brain 🧠.

  19. Have you been to Hudson? No beer served, stands are imbedded into the dirt bank, people bring in lawn chairs, food is terrible…. Still racers have a place to race, fans get to eat their family members and friends race. Go to a dirt race in NY – food is good at most tracks – the valley has it baked beans, Fulton has its salty potatoes but it’s dirty. Not all tracks are like Stafford but there are plenty of tracks not as nice as the bowl. Just remember the Racing guys give back 100% so they don’t need to make money they are in it for the racers

  20. steven seiler says

    For that event they need to bring a lot more vendors and a BEER GARDEN!YES

  21. Cookie Jar says

    If you think the Racing Guys give back 100% of what they bring in to the racers I’ve got some ocean front property to sell you in Wyoming.

  22. Nice I have been looking for some elusive ocean front property in WY. I can only pay via cashier’s check from a foreign bank and can only make it out for a dollar amount above your asking price. Please refund me the difference via untraceable bitcoin. Does the place have a private beach? Cant wait to build sand castles in the sand.

    I don’t think the bowl was granted a beer and wine liquor license by the granting authorities. The track would love to sell beer as it is one of the more profitable concession items available to a track. Its just not allowed. Not sure if they requested it and was denied, never requested it or what. With the bowl the racers and fans are on a need to know basis and there is very little deemed need to know by bowl information distributing authorities.

    Say what you want about the bowl. It usually produces good on track racing. Arguably the best in CT. I haven’t been to the bowl in since the reno and reopening, if the tri track goes there I might have to check it out.

  23. steven seiler says

    Since the new stands were put in place they do not have concessions or a tower yet.they have a couple food vendors and that’s it.I think they should be able to get a beer permit to have a beer garden from a vendor if they wanted.I don’t like the new stands,they were moved back,and if you’re not sitting high enough u can’t see want car is in front of u ,the old stands were better.they need to have concessions,tower,beer to do it right

  24. Bummer they reduced the laps from 100 to 80. (Going off the old Tri-Track post of course). Should always be 100.

  25. Tyler, I haven’t seen any indication the race will only be 80 laps. You may be confusing it with the an announcement that was made by another promotional group about an event that’s not actually taking place.

  26. Shawn, I was just comparing the Schedule on the Monaco Tri-Track Website where it has the laps listed for the August 6th Waterford event, to your screenshot of the tweets stating 80 laps.

  27. Tyler,
    Again, the screen grabs of the Tweets that were posted in that story were posted by another promotional group that attempted to take over the date from the Tri-Track Series, went so far as to announce a new event, and then had that event removed from the schedule by Speedbowl management.

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