Norm Wrenn Backing Out Of Efforts To Purchase New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Longtime local racer Norm Wrenn has decided to discontinue in his efforts to purchase the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

A representative from Wrenn’s group confirmed to RaceDayCT Tuesday that Wrenn has backed out of negotiations to purchase the track from embattled track owner Bruce Bemer.

“Norm Wrenn does not have a purchase and sales agreement to purchase the [New London]-Waterford Speedbowl, nor does he expect to,” read a statement released by Wrenn Tuesday morning.

According to multiple sources, Wrenn had been in negotiations to purchase the track from Bemer since early April and had made multiple offers to Bemer.

Bemer was unavailable for comment Tuesday.

Bemer was charged in late March with patronizing a trafficked person.

On April 26 track officials announced the postponement of the season opening Blastoff Weekend, which had been scheduled for May 6-7. No further announcements have been made by track management concerning the 2017 schedule.

Bemer was the high bidder in a foreclosure auction of the Speedbowl in October 2014.

In early April former race director Tom Fox led a group of high ranking track officials who announced their resignations from the track.

On April 6 NASCAR terminated its sanction with the track and cancelled a NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event which had been scheduled for July 22.


  1. Mike Ray (@MikeRay7Va) says

    Hope someone with deep pockets steps up. I hate this for the fans, drivers, car owners and staff. continued prayers for the bowl…

  2. Guess Beemer wants to make victims of the races too, pathetic individual

  3. Dennylee 6X Super X says

    I need somone to buy it fast. Seekonk only other option. Not thrilled about that at all.

  4. Yes, it would be great for someone like Mr. Wrenn to step up. However, would NASCAR be willing to sanction again under a new owner? Or would they have to “prove themselves” for a season or two before NASCAR would come back.

  5. Cyril Crocker says

    Stewart bought Eldora, some one get in contact with some NASCAR drivers or some one affiliated with NASCAR and see if any are interested, the Bowl cannot close it’s doors because of this sick individual.

  6. It’s all in my opinion a negotiation tactic.. Il bet any takers here a Beer they make a deal in less then 48 HR’s. Bemers got to come down a bit and Wrens gota raise his anti…

  7. Well that certainly isn’t good news. How is the grandstands coming along. Its been a few weeks now. I am sure they will have them all fixed soon and the bowl will be opening soon because that was the only issue they stated for not opening on time.

    Does anyone know if the bowl has to run a race this year or they could lose their license to run as a racetrack in the future? I know a race track in wiscassett ME faced a similar fate a few years back. had they not had a race in the calendar year they would lose the grandfathered race track licensing and would have to repetition the town to operate as a race track. there was little chance it would have been approved with significant opposition from adjacent home owners. Hopefully the bowl opens this season and its a non issue.

  8. Joey Logano on line 1….

  9. Speed Racer 28 says

    Norm, Thank you for trying!! Anyone connected to with the Arute family? Maybe they could buy it to restore credibility and sell it in a year or two to a good family to give the bowl a stable owner and future. Let’s get this black cloud past the bowl. In the mean time, I am enjoying Seekonk. Just a much further drive than the bowl.

  10. JimBinCT says

    Mr. Bemer, If you are reading this. We implore you to think about the effect you are having on hundreds of drivers and owners that have laid out tens of thousands of dollars for equipment to race at the speedbowl! Watch the documentary Tom made! Think about the generations of families that have devoted themselves to the sport and to this race track. Look at the history you are destroying with your refusal to take action. Folks have said you love racing. If you really care at ALL about the speedbowl, let the track go. Give someone an opportunity to carry on the great history of the speedbowl. DO SOMETHING! PLEASE!

  11. Heck.. let him “sell” it on paper to a group of investors who happen to sell it back to him in a year. Bruce has a ton of money, and I have to play devil’s advocate. He is innocent until proven guilty, and honestly wt heck, he is a million times better than the guy down the street who just got 40 years, and I don’t see Waterford pulling out of their student transportation contracts with him.

    Maybe NASCAR’s the one who needs to stop and think about us. I feel bent over more by them doing this quickly and publicly than Bruce hiring hookers. Trafficed people? Go to a strip club, with what they counted as trafficked, you’re guilty too

  12. Well that was interesting. What we learned is that while no credible source would say boo on the potential buyer rumors the people spreading the rumors were partly right.
    This bit of meager hope gone in a wisp of smoke changes nothing. There’s still countless daggers hovering over the property waiting. No attorney would advise any client to buy the property that is a marginal investment under the best of circumstances with those daggers hovering.

  13. Fast Eddie says

    Thank-you to Norm Wrenn and his group for trying to save the Speedbowl! It’s a shame an agreement could not be reached. Hopefully there are other interested parties trying to make something happen.

    To Mr. Beemer: If you truly care about the Speedbowl, please, please, PLEASE do the right thing and let someone else continue its long standing traditions and racing heritage.

  14. darealgoodfella says

    Mr. Bemer, please, PLEASE!!!!! Take a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars so these car owners and drivers can go play cars.

    Apparently Mr. Bemer does not think he has to take a low ball offer. It would be interesting to see what the offers were.

  15. darealgoodfella says

    Let me remind you… the track is owned by Bemer, he sells on his terms and conditions. Norm Wrenn failed to meet those T&Cs. Bemer is not obligated to incur an unacceptable loss on the sale of the NLWSB for the benefit of the car owners, drivers, Norm Wrenn, etc.

  16. Fast Eddie says

    Dareal, I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night! 🙂 Business is business. I’m not expecting him to give it away (although that would be nice!), but I’m hoping he doesn’t expect a ludicrous amount of $$ either. I also hope that whatever number he has in mind is not an absolute one and he is open to negotiation if the numbers are somewhat close.

  17. We are a couple of months in on this story and the comments are continuing to totally blow my mind.It’s amazing to hear grown people whining and begging bemer to sell, give,or whatever.It’s actually to pathetic to even be funny.At some point the bowl will be sold, people should get a grip or get some much needed therapy.

  18. I have been looking at these articles for quite sometime now. EVERYONE does have their good points. Having gone through the demise of TWO racetracks on Long Island, I know what everyone is going through. Freeport Speedway was closed because someone realized that the promotor did not live up to the original Charter that was granted by the state for the land, and hence the town closed the race track due to a breach of contract. Islip, was all about noise, and the town THOUGHT they were doing right by their homeowners, but it got worse. Having said all this, I believe, but I hope I am wrong, but I think the Bowl is dead. When push comes to shove, the Town will force the land into a sale. And it may end up pennies on a dollar, which is why I do not understand why Bemer what take ANY decent offer. As far as the “environmental” issue. It’s amazing how these things get “straightened” out.

  19. Ken,Freeport Stadium was owned by the village of Freeport.They wanted the racetrack gone.My cousin played varsity football there.Before the game they would make a line and pick up debris from the infield before they played.I also have happy childhood memories of both tracks.But people who lived within a mile or two of the track hated it because of the noise, same with Islip witch if you remember also had a 1/8 mile drag strip.Great competition there on Sundays.Not being from Ct.I can’t say but I have never heard of town opposition to the Speedbowl.I think it will eventually open.

  20. OMG some of you people are pathetic. This is downright comical to read . What we need is a young person with a lot of money if you know what I’m saying .

  21. Some Waterford Speedbowl fans were looking for a house and met an agent at one for a showing.The property, a rambling ranch house, large lot in a good area and close to shops and stores. They walked through and as the Speedbowl fans looked they got more and more excited. We absolutely love it they said. As they were leaving the agent said I should warn you up front. You’ve heard about the cracked foundation problem? This property has one. There also may be termite damage and a water leak in the wall that could be bad, they just don’t know since it’s hidden. Insurance will be hard to get and there is only a quit claim deed which means that any prior owner may claim a stake in the property at any time. The Speedbowl fans said sounds perfect, I’ll take it.

  22. Jack Horner says

    For those who whine about all the money they have tied up in racecars that won’t be able to race without the NLWSB, I suggest a chair in the corner and a few boxes of tissues…

  23. Billy Parker says

    Hey everyone, you know what this means??? N O T H I N G!!!!!!!! stop panicking……. Personally I hope Bemer keeps the track, as he was making no money from it, but constantly put money, and time into it, more than any other owner in my lifetime…. as for his charges?? I could care less!!! despite statements, Everyone is innocent until proven guilty… And I could care less that he hired prostitutes, really so hat!! that’s his personal business, and mentally ill is NOT a handicap… Get Over It!! I hope he keeps the place, I hope he still improves it, and I hope nascar stays away, and we can get back to awesome racing!!

  24. art,you are a negative individual whose opinions are not shared by many.Fans,owners and racers are not “pathetic” in their sincere hopes that the Speedbowl stays afloat;they simply share a common passion.If “our” Speeddbowl does make it,I hope that you are never there to enjoy a minute of it’s glorious return.

  25. Dareal, unacceptable loss for Beamer? Somehow at this point I think there is someone else calling the shots. Maybe the attorneys for the people who stand to get everything Bemer owns.

  26. Welcome to the real world folks. Life isn’t fair. Deal with it. Da Real and others have been telling you from day one the track wasn’t opening this year for a multitude of legal reasons. They were correct. I’m with Art in being shocked by some of the statements on here and not in a good way.

    450Mike, I got news for ya, the taxes you pay help support the millions of people who collect disability. Yes, even mental disability. I sincerely hope you aren’t as ignorant as your words suggest.

  27. Pathetic ! Try knitting

  28. Why don’t you enlighten us with those multitude of legal reasons.

  29. darealgoodfella says

    J Comey, has the request to freeze Bemer’s assets been approved by a court?

    Bemer knows the NLWSB is beloved, just look at all the banter online. He’s hardly in a position of a distressed sale. Some people might be trying to convince him he’s in trouble, but the NLWSB is a hobby for him. He can well afford to wait for a very good offer. That people have been scrambling to buy it shows there is demand. He just has to wait for the right offer.

    Billy Parker, that bit about innocent until proven guilty does not apply. He’s talked and admitted already.

  30. Tri Track Series has moved the August 23 Modified open race to Star Speedway. It’s looking more and more like the Speedbowl will not open in 2017.

  31. How about Thompson running sat nights yea

  32. My aren’t we a fine lot. From mocking the Speedbowl participants and fans and dancing on their misery. Compartmentalizing the accused’s guilt by virtually forgiving it and celebrating the investment he made in the track. Changing facts to suit an argument including changing the charges and even advancing the theory that the crime was victim less. Not all but many of us are truly despicable people when armed with an anonymous message board.

  33. Reality check. The accused will likely spent all or the better part of the rest of his life in jail. Getting a good price or making a good deal clearly is not on his mind. The best plea deal certainly. Worrying about race fans certainly not. Racing is not a weekend tag sale you schedule a week in advance. It’s a huge undertaking that requires good faith from participants and fans even is you can overcome the safety and management issues. That faith is mostly gone. There are loans on the facility likely, taxes to pay and civil suits in the pipeline. Time is the enemy. The greatest likelihood is that the property once again goes through foreclosure and eventually is sold at auction. Any other scenario is possible but becomes less likely as the weeks click by.

  34. Art, yes Freeport was owned by the Village, however the Speedway was built after WWII, with WPA funds which were Federal Grants to stimulate the growth after the war, and it was to be used as the race facility, but they were supposed to run at least two nights a week. Back in the day they actually ran 3 nights. When the Campis took it over, all hell broke loose. Village was looking for a way to get them out, and they saw the Multi Night clause, and they then turned it into a Home Depot. I was part of the committee fighting this, and the fix was in. Islip, a year after it closed people in the area were so sorry they forced it to close, because that became an Industrial Park, and with all the trucks running through there 24-7, the neighbors wished they had the track back. Only had noise one night a week(Sat.) from April to October.

  35. Very excited about a second Tri Track event at Star.

    Rich, just go back and read all the other stories Shawn has posted on this story. All the comments and reasons are laid out for you in the comment section. Frankly, anyone who thought the track would open by now was dreaming. Wishing it would open is fine but legally speaking, too much legal red tape this early in the proceedings.

  36. darealgoodfella says

    The VMRS schedule still has the ‘Bowl on the schedule. Did they get the memo?

    I don’t think any legal actions are directly the cause of the ‘Bowl not opening, such as a court order has directed the ‘Bowl to remain closed. And I doubt that some maintenance or repairs would really prevent the ‘Bowl from opening. Bemer is businessman, he knows better. He knew when opening day was and when to get repairs completed, the required inspections, and certificates and permits and such secured. It appears that Bemer knows there would be little support from the racing community to make it worthwhile. Sanctioning body dropped out, series cancelled their appearances, staff resigned, etc. And for sure, fans were not going to show up. It’s supposed to be a family place, and with that storm cloud hanging over the place, not too many parents were going to bring their little kiddies. What Bemer is charged with and admitted to is not family value behavior for the general population.

    There are clearly people that do not want to see the ‘Bowl go away. It’s all about a buyer coming up with the right offer.

    It will take some time for the stench of this scandal to go away.

  37. Thanks for the info Ken.I knew people in Merrick a half mile away who complained about the track noise and even the p.a. system.How loud and annoying could that have possibly been?Now we have planes flying over our homes on a rotating basis, parkways make road noise 24/7.I grew up in Hicksville close to the northern state.It was quiet at night.People are hard to figure out I guess.But with the speedbowls location I think if it could be sold it will open again and the sanctioning bodies will return.

  38. Chris D. says

    dareal, that order was in fact given by a judge today in regard to the 1st lawsuit brought forth against Bemer. It is public record, CT judicial website.

  39. Larry D. says

    Chris D, so your saying the court has ordered the Speedbowl to remain closed, or possibly are you just one of the many keyboard cowboys here posting just trying to stir crap up? I realize our legal system is screwed up but I find it hard to believe they would order a persons business closed before someone has been proven guilty. Maybe you can provide us non-legal experts the source and details of your findings?

  40. Poprocks says

    For anyone that can maneuver around the Judicial website, here is the link to look up the case
    For anyone that would rather just know what the order says, here it is – word for word (copy and paste):
    Notice Content:
    Notice Issued: 05/18/2017
    Docket Number: FBT-CV-17-5032760-S
    Case Caption: BARRON,EDWARD Et Al v. BEMER,BRUCE Et Al
    Notice Sequence #: 1
    The following order is entered in the above matter:
    The defendant Bruce Bemer agrees, and the court so orders, that with the exception of ordinary living
    and business expenses and transactions and attorneys fees, the defendant Bruce Bemer is not to transfer, encumber, or dispose of his assets, until further order of the court.

    So, dareal, with your comment of “I don’t think any legal actions are directly the cause of the ‘Bowl not opening, such as a court order has directed the ‘Bowl to remain closed” – you are wrong.

  41. darealgoodfella says

    Chris D., a judge has ordered the ‘Bowl to remain closed? Is that correct?

  42. Wow! The most explosive news yet and no one comments on this much talked about subject.Prejudgement remedy doesn’t sound good to me.Maybe the reason Norm Wrenn “backed out”.To me this seems like dire news for the Speedbowl.Some of these victims were MINOR CHILDREN.The gypsy sees a very long sentence for Mr bemer.It’s anyones guess how long these assets will be frozen.

  43. Larry,

    There was no court order to “close” any businesses. There was an order that stated: the owner of the track “is not to transfer, encumber, or dispose of his assets, until further order of the court.”

  44. darealgoodfella,
    There is NO court order stating any business has to be closed.

  45. Management1 says

    I have seen wood delivered to speed bowl and work going on . I asked and was told there trying to get it open so let’s all hope and pray .

  46. darealgoodfella says

    Here is what I wrote: “I don’t think any legal actions are directly the cause of the ‘Bowl not opening, such as a court order has directed the ‘Bowl to remain closed.”

    Here is what Chris D. replied with: “dareal, that order was in fact given by a judge today in regard to the 1st lawsuit brought forth against Bemer. It is public record, CT judicial website.”

    I then followed up with: “Chris D., a judge has ordered the ‘Bowl to remain closed? Is that correct?”

    There is a YUGE difference between being ordered not to operate, and a court order directing the accused to retain his assets. The court order did not direct Bemer to keep the track closed. Per that order, Bemer can open and operate the track. Therefore Poprocks, you are WRONG. BIGLY. 👌👋

  47. darealgoodfella says

    This order was to be expected given what is going on, and some folks probably tried to get Bemer to sell the track BEFORE something like this court order happened.

    So there you have it.

    Why hasn’t Bemer opened the track yet?

    Any news on the rescheduled opening day?

    How are those bleachers doing?

    How did the job fair go?

    Who are the new track staff?

    What series haven’t cancelled their ‘Bowl dates yet?

  48. Poprocks,
    There is no court order for the Speedbowl to remain closed.

  49. Chris D.
    The court did not put forth any “order” for the track to remain closed. That is entirely false.

  50. Any fifth grader could go to the website and read the order which is written in plain English

  51. Poprocks says

    Dareal, “I don’t think any legal actions are directly the cause of the ‘Bowl not opening, such as a court order has directed the ‘Bowl to remain closed.” your words were such as a court order. Not that there was a court order forcing it to remain closed but legal actions. This whole situation is based on legal actions. Now that the court has decided that Bruce can maintain living expenses and business operating expenses we can hope that he will open the track. It has been said from day one that he has not wanted to sell that racetrack. He bought it to save it. He bought it for his love of the sport. If he can maintain it in his possession, open it and give people a race track to go to on Wednesday and Saturday nights then my guess is that is exactly what he’s going to do. It may not happen now it may not happen next week but I am sure that it will happen.

  52. Management1 is correct. It is a fact that work is still being done to the stands. It is also a fact that the town failed the inspection of the stands back before opening weekend. Ultimately the town wants the stands torn down and replaced. Will the track open this season? Who knows but the work being done is to get to the point where it could as far as inspections are concerned. Dareal has some good points. Who would be willing to work there given all the officials had pulled out. Bottom line is, besides the permits from the town there is no legal reason why the track can’t open. Yes you heard me right NH Mark.

  53. Management1 says

    Tri-Track , Velinti, and weekly schedule.

    That would be all the track needs.

    I’m thinking Mr. Bemer is having a bout of depression and if you have ever had it or know someone who has it’s just amazing to even get out of bed nevermind worry about a race track.

    There was several guys working again there today. Let’s hope they get the approval from town to open soon.

  54. Whatever

  55. darealgoodfella says

    art, some fifth graders are more equal than others. 😉

  56. Chris D. says

    Shawn,where do I say the track has to remain closed?

  57. Chris D.,
    One person said the track was not closed by order and you responded by saying that order was in fact given by a judge. If it was a response to something different I apologize, but that’s the way it read.

  58. darealgoodfella says

    Chris D., see my post of May 19 at 12:38 PM.

    That’s the way it looks.

  59. Jeff Eilenberger says

    “until further order of the court.” … Key phrase, all it takes for Bemer to sell is for the Judge to sign off on the sale (further court order) to ensure that it is sold at a fair market value for the protection of the assets for the civil case.

  60. Tri track is going to another track for the 4th event as well. Even if Bemer opens, it’s going to operate with huge losses. 2017 is a wash, let’s just hope for normalcy in 2018.

  61. darealgoodfella says

    Jeff, per what you stated above, that means there will be no firesale of the NLWSB, meaning no lowball sales price will be allowed by the court, in order to achieve the fair market value, whatever that is.

    So all of you folks hoping for Bemer to quickly sell out, it ain’t gonna happen.

  62. darealgoodfella says

    So this looks like the Waterford regulars should look at the other venues for their racing entertainment.

  63. Management1 says

    Wow there is a lot of ignorance in some of the postings. A lot of people read but it doesn’t sink in . I’m at thompson and talked to 1 of the employees Waterford speed bowl and Bruce said do what ever it takes to get the track open. So please stop posting what you don’t know and stop guessing and let’s hope all this news is true and we can get in a partial season .

  64. Management1 says

    Also to ad if I’m a person who thinks before
    I speak Mr. Wren was informed tha the courts were upholding the order to put a hold in place. And cautiously stepped back from his most gracious offer. As a fan and supporter of nlwsb want to thanks for the great effort involved.

  65. darealgoodfella says

    It sure would be nice to see updates on the track’s website.

    Track was supposed to open on May 6th and here it is at May 21, and still no official news on a rescheduled seasoning opening date.

  66. Management1 says

    DaReal lol see the breaking News ?

  67. darealgoodfella says

    Yeah, the lessors hope to open by the end of June.

    Anybody know who the lessors are?

    Still folks are not having it. They are making it rather clear over on FB that as long as Bemer owns it, they aren’t going to go to the track.

    A pig is still a pig, no matter how much lipstick is used.

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