Breaking: Jennerstown Speedway Returning To NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Schedule In 2020

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour is heading back to Pennsylvania for the 2020 season.

Jennerstown Speedway general manager Bill Hribar revealed exclusively to RaceDayCT that the Whelen Modified Tour will return to the Jennerstown, Pa. facility. for the first time in a decade and a half. 

The Whelen Modified Tour to will run a May 23, 2020 event at the .522-mile oval. 

“The last visit the Modifieds were there was 2006,” Hribar said. “Shortly thereafter the speedway sat dormant for approximately seven years. … Thanks to some wonderful local businessmen it was basically rebranded and resurrected and it’s absolutely thriving. We’ve been in communication with [NASCAR] for a couple years. In this sport it’s all about timing. We wanted to prove ourselves to the racing community and I think we did that last year and the timing is right and we’re glad to have NASCAR back at Jennerstown.”

The late Ted Christopher won the last Whelen Modified Tour event at Jennerstown Speedway on June 13, 2006. 

“Jennerstown is a great track for the Modifieds and I’m excited to bring our series back to the fans of central Pennsylvania,” said six-time and reigning series champion Doug Coby, who is one of a handful of series regulars who competed at the track previously. “It was one of my favorite stops on the tour back when I drove Curt Chases car and it will be great to be back there. It’s a big win for our series to have them back on the schedule.”

The track has hosted the Whelen Modified 14 times in its history. Jan Leaty won the first series event at the track in 1987. The division ran two events at the track in both 1988 and 1989. And then one event each year in 1990 and 1991. The division returned to the track in 1995, and ran one event yearly from that point until 1999. After anther hiatus the division returned for one event in 2005 and one in 2006. 

Tony Hirschman (three wins), Steve Park (two wins), Reggie Ruggiero (two wins) and Mike Stefanik (two wins) are the multi-time winners at the facility. Leaty, Christopher, Tom Bolles, Mike Ewanitsko and Doug Heveron are the other winners of events at the track. 

Coby, Rob Summers, Jon McKennedy, Jimmy Blewett and Wade Cole are current series regulars who were in the lineup for the last event at the track in 2006. 

NASCAR is expected to announce the full 2020 Whelen Modified Tour schedule in the coming weeks. 

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  1. No longer the Conn tour better get those haulers ready for a busy summer.

  2. Great to see Jennerstown back on the schedule for the tour. The more tracks they race on the better for the fans. But did any track lose a date for this to happen?

  3. Well rob, I’m with you on that. You have to figure, Iowa, Martinsville, and now Jennerstown, something had to give. I would assume Wall was one. The others if the series not expanded? Let the speculation begin..,
    I’ll start. Pennsylvania, might we see the Pee Dee 60 there? This is fun…..

  4. Sounds like Stafford might roll with only 2 races after Nascar gave Iowa one of their dates. Myrtle Beach is out too. Still some smoke surrounding Richmond. My guess is 18-19 events. Need travel time before and after Iowa for sure.

    Hey crazy, I too wondered if this announcement might have caught the curiosity of PeeDee? Martinsville?

  5. Gotta love this stuff, throw back to the old days, Martinsville, Jennerstown, what’s next?

  6. I went to a Jennerstown tour race in the 2000’s, It was probably that TC race.. It was a really nice track, great facilities and there was a few dirt tracks to chose from the night before. It should be a good show. Yeah this little regional series is going national. I just hope the purse money for some of these long distance hauls is sufficient to cover the expenses.

    My guess is you only have the Mod tour at Stafford for their opener and closer. They seem to be moving more towards their inhouse open mod shows and cutting back on touring series. Any chance Lee or Monadnock end up with a tour race. They are Nascar sanctioned. I don’t know if their grandstand capacity can make a tour race profitable. Always fun to speculate and in recent years the tour schedule hasn’t just been a cut a paste job from the year before. It sounds like the schedule should be released pretty soon. Looking forward to it.

  7. Langhorne!

  8. Stafford losing a NWMT date. By choice or taken away? Put a in in that one. Full stands and a record of success. Yikes that would be something. Or is NASCAR playing chess not checkers. The August Iowa date carved in stone because of Xfinity so Staffords date must move.
    Are 7 races at CT tracks a sign of series weakness or a core to build out from? Did/does FanschoiceTV play a role in any of this attracting a broader audience? Will Fanschoicetv return in 2020 for free or maybe by subscription? Does NBCSC coverage play a role in the chess game that is afoot?
    Wall is gone? Not a final race their in their final year. Say it ain’t so.

  9. Jennerstown is on Memorial Day weekend. Based on how things are shaking out there would seem to be an open weekend or two in August. Right now a Thompson Sunday show would appear to be the only event thus far. I assume they will be off the week after Iowa. The schedule looks great thus far. A Star or Monadnock date would be the icing on the cake. Sept is already full assuming Oswego is back. Lee grandstands are too small. No night races in CT stinks though.

  10. Doug, it’s yet another track you’ll never visit.

  11. DGF said:
    🏁🏁🏁 darealgoodfella 🏁🏁🏁 says

    GOAT 🐐 , will never be a GOAT 🐐🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Sybil is triggered again. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
    What a widdle, delicate ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️😂🤡😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤡🤡🤡😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤡🤡🤡😂🤣🤣🤣
    That’s the funniest thing ever presented on the internet!!!! 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
    Insipid Sybil = 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 ⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈Discussing toe in any way is not worth the breath or keystrokes. Think about it… who nailed the toe setting? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    RYR can claim all it wants. It’s the only viable engine allowed.
    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 😂 😂 😂 😂 🤣 🤣 🤣 😂 😂 🤣 🤣 😂 🤡
    One of Sybil’s personalities has again judged who was correct.
    Crazy carefully wrote, “Well….I knew that bate would school the fish.”
    I’ll leave that there. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣
    Doug, are you triggered?
    Hey Doug, you mad, bro?
    🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡GM LS2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣What did you think it was? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣How long did you not know the SPEC was a GM? 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣


  13. Yep, Sybil is off the rails. Sybil is having an episode.

  14. 🏁🏁🏁 darealgoodfella 🏁🏁🏁 says
    “Yep, Sybil is off the rails. Sybil is having an episode”

  15. OK now that play time with DGF is over hows this for a guess at the basic schedule?
    3/21 South Boston*, 4/5 Icebreaker,4/26 Sizzler, 5/8 Martinsville*, 5/23 Jennerstown*. 5/31 Seekonk, 6/14 Thompson, 6/28 Riverhead, 7/18 NHMS*, 8/1 Iowa*, 8/16 Thompson, 8/30 Oswego, 9/6 Riverhead, 9/20 NHMS, 10/4 Fall Final, 10/18 World Series.
    JD may be right about the Stafford date. Where do you put it unless a place like Oswego is dropped.

  16. Seriously Doug? Shawn gave you the annticipated Sept dates earlier this week. For as much as you are on here you could spend two minutes reading the articles he writes.

  17. Wall management is on the record that they have signed a deal with NASCAR for a 2020 WMT race.

    That was printed in a few Jersey papers and a weekly race paper as well. Unless that deal has since been cancelled, and there’s been nothing published to that effect, I think Wall is on the 2020 schedule…..

  18. Claremont went Nascar. Lets do a double header Claremont on Friday Monadnock on Saturday. Twin 100’s cautions dont count. No tire changes for a slightly smaller purse with a bonus if someone can sweep the weekend. Giddy up. Sounds like a great weekend to me. I like the mods on the bullrings.

  19. Who cares what Doug’s prognostications are, let’s wait until NASCAR publishes the OFFICIAL WMT schedule. Should be interesting.

  20. BTW, great point JD but that’s Doug!

  21. So Nascar Home Tracks posted the Jennerstown news while crediting Racedayct with breaking the news. I guess they were trying to keep that under wraps. Obviously Nascar knew already. Well done SC. Nascar all but confirmed the return of Oswego in tne same article.

    If Wall is indeed back, as SC first reported many weeks ago, the only real drama left is the dates of the summer Thompson shows and Seekonk.Almost everything else has been confirmed barring any additional surprises.

  22. wmass01013 says

    I have always said WMT races do not happen unless the track wants a race and is willing to pay the NASCAR fee and purse, I am glad tracks are WANTING the WMT, I hope both WHELEN which has been a godsend to the WMT and NASCAR continue the support in purse and and point fund!!!!

  23. wmass01013 says

    OMG a novel idea in 2020, how about a FRIDAY STAFFORD RACE AND SUNDAY THOMPSON RACE OMG 2 races in the same weekend, how could that ever work?????????? OR Friday Stafford and Sat. Monadnock?????????
    they are running 2 CUP races at POCONO in 2020, NASCAR has to change from the cookie cutter schedules as well with the same races at the same tracks on the same date every yr!!!

  24. I just wish New Smyrna would start the season with the Evans Memorial. Then, Richmond would come in once (either spring or fall), and the same thing with Dover. Those are my schedule edits to what was added already, in a perfect world.

  25. Sure I know I’ll take the hit. Mostly from the usual nasty old men fighting a bout of hemorrhoids, constipation or whatever age related ailment that keeps them in a permanent state of negativity.. They’ll stand erect, puff out their chests and say how dare you put a comprehensive list out there for the forum.
    It’s kind of always like Ground Hog Day, the movie. After the the same guys that mock negative and positive toe and dump on Fifield for the 2000enth time vent their globs of nasty, bits and pieces of new information, interesting speculation and observations by folks without such huge chips on their shoulders are offered.
    No JD I don’t agree that with your pronouncement of the lack of drama remaining and all the conclusions you think are so obvious. Nor do I agree that it is your place to define what drama is let alone how much of it is left..
    In the last three years there have been 16 dates. At the very least I filled 16 slots. If Wall stays in as does Oswego and Stafford drops a date or the schedule expands over 16 dates that alone is huge drama. “the only drama left”. Really. Says who?
    It’s silly season where it’s just plain fun to speculate on all sorts of possibilities. Anything, anyone says is possible until the schedule is released. You can be the same of glob of negative old as you practice for being grumpy old Grandpa on Thanksgiving or get in the spirit.

  26. I never said it was my place or that anything I said was absolute. But I do read Shawn’s columns and I do scan various other sites. I’m a schedule nerd no doubt. It’s fun to speculate. However, tell me where I’m incorrect? SC told us a month ago the contract for the 2020 Musket has been signed according to his sources. He told you six days ago it was moving up a week in the schedule. Again, read the articles. He gave you the Sept Riverhead date. As well as breaking the Jennerstown news. The dates confirmed are the dates confirmed. Could there be more? Sure. That would be awesome. Nascar isn’t restricted to 16 races. Given that you are not going good to any of the non Stafford races why does the level of drama concern you so much? This notion that “YOU” gave us 16 dates is insane. Most had been reported weeks ago. You even got all the dates wrong for the races Shawn spoon feed you. There are only so many weekends. Most years, 95% of the schedule is out before the actual Nascar press release. The days of waiting until banquet week are long gone. Before you respond to this please give some consideration to having an original thought.

  27. Why does everyone think Stafford is dropping the Summer show? Did I miss something?

  28. Doug, looks like you need a significant increase in fiber intake.

  29. Doug, how do you know I am a grumpy old man with the medical ailments you describe? Another prognostication of yours that is off the reservation like your 1000 word plus posts.

    JD, you will soon learn that Dougs ability to comprehend and retain what he reads just shows who the real old man here is.

    Doug, coming to Seekonk next Saturday to see a real barn burner? How stupid of me for asking, I already know the answer to that question……….

  30. There is an aura you’ve been emitting JD for quite some time. As someone that knows a lot about racing and the NWMT specifically. As someone that has participated in the sport at some point and has a deep understanding of it’s .inner workings. An active race attendee that hit’s the important events and can provide real insights to the many events you’ve seen. I sure hope so because you whine about me all the time.
    I’m happy to say I’m from Enfield, Ct and Stafford is the only track I attend as I get older. I’ve said I built and have driven Streets and early Late Models in the 1980’s. I’ve made fun of my mediocre time as a driver, being a speed bump for the front runners more then a real obstacle. In fact I can say I took a top 5 car, rebuilt it completely and drove it to a top 15 finish. That you can believe or not believe but who brags about being a failure. And the track was primarily Stafford.
    I’ve tried to convince you knuckleheads that if you support any racing you have every right to weigh in on anything as long as you have something interesting to say. Clearly it’s falling on deaf ears.
    I’d be happy to hear your story JD. Where you are from, your home track, the experience you have in racing and all the rest. It would certainly give you a measure of credibility for all the standards you set for me. Until you do you’re just an anonymous old guy that knows everything with a soar disposition that proves nothing.
    DGF is the guy that talked about coasting in the corners and his driver saying the left front lifted off the ground in the corner. The guy should spend a little time with me at Stafford because I gotta tell you as far as racing is concerned he not only is not what he says he is he may never have been to a race in his life. Earl admits numbers hurt his head so clearly he is a man that knows his limitations and that should be respected.
    What i can say JD is you are not a schedule nerd so much as a schedule grenade. Juggling about all the knowns and unknowns like a circus clown so no one can keep track of what you are actually saying. Take the time like I did to list the dates and a specific schedule. Sure they can expand the schedule and if you think they will write it down. Be a schedule nerd and not the whiny guy that pokes holes in what I do. \
    Don’t be afraid JD. If you write it down and you’re wrong in a day no one will care.
    Just a reminder. All I did was show a schedule. That’s all. Why you clowns get so worked up about it is beyond me.
    This is supposed to be fun and too many of you make it a johnson measuring contest. A johnson measuring contest where you say what size your racing johnson is but are too afraid to show anything but anonymous johnsons.

  31. I am just speculating that the Summer Stafford show is gone. They announced the IA date which was the same weekend that Staffords summer nascar tour show was this past season. I never thought it made a lot of sense to have Stafford and Thompson within 5 days of each other just from a team stand point and the fans wallet. So the date is taken.

    It also seems as though Stafford has been moving away from touring series and running tour type mods in their own open format. A couple years ago they had 2 valenti shows and 2 of those American modified shows, this past year they were down to 1 valenti show and replaced the others with open mod shows. You go back even further they used to have 4 whelen shows and cut back to 3 eliminating their memorial weekend Friday night race. They seem to be happy with the open mod shows and it is probably more cost effective.

    Personally I would like to see them run 3 Whelen tour shows with one being a Friday night. I am not a big fan of the weekend shows when it can be done in one night, there is no need to stretch it out into a 2 day show just costs everyone more money. If you look at the Saturday crowds it seems most people tend to agree there isn’t much entertainment offered day 1. Its not like they have all these additional divisions on the grounds like Thompsons big shows..

  32. Racefan, ask Doug I am sure he will have the answer, wait a minute, it’s just plain fun to speculate, LOL…….

  33. Same with you Earl. This team you were on where they did the toe with the nice level concrete floor and the other setup procedures that hurt your head.. Who was it, where and when. Home location and home track please. What is your experience in racing, and in what divisions and for how long. What races do you go to now? Every single NWMT and TTOMS race or some or none. You want to check ticket stubs do you? Prove you’ve earned the right to.
    Or are the one liners just being a pest as good as it gets with you. Just an endless series of non racing quips, taunts and asides because you really don’t have much to offer.

  34. So how bad is it with you ticket stub checking, racing johnson measuring knuckleheads? So bad I’m going to taunt myself only with real facts.
    Dougs prediction that Lutz overtakes Silk in the points……wrong. Goodale in 5th……wrong it was Swanson. Emerling for 6th…..wrong it was Goodale. Swanson for 7th………wrong it was Solomito. Solomito for 8th……..wrong it was Emerling. Pasteryak for 9th…….nailed it.
    How bad do I feel about being almost completely wrong? Pretty good actually. Mostly because one great guy with good spirit made some of the best observations in that particular thread while the usual suspects with nothing productive to say were fumbling around with your tape measures.

  35. Sybil = 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 = Doug

    a = b = c

    WeldingWonders, you need a high fiber diet. RickyinMass, what say you?

  36. Doug thinks the drivers have the gas pedal constantly flat footed all around the track.

    That just goes to show how slow his car was!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Darealgoodfella, AKA DaFella, AKA Daidiot, AKA Dajerk, AKA Da Stupid, AKA longwindedfella, AKA darealidiot,AKA peterperfect,AKA Darealmoron, AKA Duh Real, AKA DareFakeFella, AKA DaDope, AKA Da Dumb Dumb, AKA, darealtripboy, AKA darealboogermaker, AKA boydareal, AKA darealisnotsafefromhisownstupidmistakes.

    Here we go again.The guy that thinks race cars coast in the corners with their left front tire off the ground. The guy that says toe is not important and that the Arutes don’t car about driver safety. The universally anonymous fan and team member from every location, who’s home track is every track under discussion, that goes to every race under discussion. The Speedbowl the topic, DGF lives in CT. Riverhead on tap he’s lived in Long Island. Upstate NY, DGF lived there too. Seekonk, DGF attends the NWMT event their as well as all the TTOMS events. NHMS? New Hampshire is his second home. DGF is everywhere and nowhere. The universal fan in the shop discussing tactics with his driver and at the races.
    Emoji’s? I don’t even know how to put one in a comment. I’m sure my teenage niece does, she uses emojy’s all the time. DGF has become an emoji data base. What grown ass man does that? A race fan, engineer, master tactician and setup savant versed in sophisticated race car fabrication and geometry? Or someone else.
    Every emoji I put in a comment came from the DGF emoji data base. Put it all together in a string and a picture emerges. Of an adolescent teenager. Or an senor citizen regressing.

    🏁🏁🏁 darealgoodfella 🏁🏁🏁 says
    GOAT 🐐 , will never be a GOAT 🐐🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Sybil is triggered again. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
    What a widdle, delicate ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️😂🤡😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤡🤡🤡😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤡🤡🤡😂🤣🤣🤣That’s the funniest thing ever presented on the internet!!!! 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂Insipid Sybil = 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 ⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈Discussing toe in any way is not worth the breath or keystrokes. Think about it… who nailed the toe setting? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤡🤡🤡🤡😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂RYR can claim all it wants. It’s the only viable engine allowed.🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 😂 😂 😂 😂 🤣 🤣 🤣 😂 😂 🤣 🤣 😂 🤡One of Sybil’s personalities has again judged who was correct.🤣😂🤣😂🤡Crazy carefully wrote, “Well….I knew that bate would school the fish.”I’ll leave that there. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣 Doug, are you triggered?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Hey Doug, you mad, bro?🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡GM LS2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣What did you think it was? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣How long did you not know the SPEC was a GM? 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Sybil = 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 = Doug

    An equals sign, really? That’s political comment section 101 and the bottom of the barrel for knuckleheads too flumuxed to babble out anything creative.

  38. In 2020, it will be a championship race among maybe 3 cars. Like always. The lesser talented teams will have a hard time tuning the cars for the new tracks, or tracks that they have very little experience. The top talented teams will be able to adapt to the new tracks much quicker, after all, they have far more talent.

    There will be significant travel in 2020, and that might reduce the cars that show up at the big trip travel travel tracks like Iowa, Jennerstown, etc.

    I went to several Bristol races, and loved them. I’m still bummed that Bristol is not on the schedule. For those of you that would not go to Bristol, would have been great. The mods on that high banked concrete were incredible. But nobody showed up. The stands were empty. Even though there was an accompanying truck race, the place was empty. It was obvious that could not continue. But then, the stands have always been empty for the trucks and Xfinity cars. Ticket sales do not factor into the business model of those two series. Those two series run on TV revenue and sponsors. Clearly, the several years of running the mods at Bristol did not create a new market.

    Clearly the mods have a market in the northeast and it would be great to test the waters elsewhere. I hope it works. But in the middle of corn fields of Iowa? That’s some of the lowest population density in the country. Perhaps the most important thing that can be done is give the mods plenty of practice time at these new and rarely run venues. The race in Canada was a disaster, perhaps because of the lack of experience on that track. If the NWMT wants to put on a good race, they need to allow multiple, lengthy practice sessions. We don’t want any in-the-race-learning-the-track going on. The will cost big bags of tire 💰 💵., but will be worth it. Hoosier will be hauling plenty of tires out there.

  39. Well Doug let’s start here; your last comment to me on the toe issue was who cares about toe so I guess it really does not matter. I learned from who I consider are two of the best in the business on how to set up race cars, Ted Marsh and Art Barry. These two legends I respect more than you will ever know and much of what I learned then still applies today. I still own a set of grain scales that I used for many years and have them re certified every year just like my electronic scales. Taxi cabs, SK and SKL, never a bride, bridesmaid many times but we won a bunch of races. Raced mostly Waterford and Thompson, Stafford for one season. Like others I won’t tell you who the wheelmen were or who I help on occasion to protect the innocent.

    Because of what I do for a living working an average of 55 hours a week or more, I attend as many Tour and TTOMS as my schedule permits.

    And BTW, when you set up a race car the most important thing I was taught was one it had to be square and two it had to be level. I always set it up in the exact same spot every week so I knew the numbers were accurate both before and after the race. Matter of fact there are 4 squares painted on the garage floor.

    So Doug, that’s all I got for you and if I am not worthy of your time I guess I really don’t care. I know I am very proud of what I accomplished and who my mentors were.

  40. No DGF I don’t think that that the driver ever keeps his or her foot on the gas through the corner on any short track.. Never said it, know it not to be true. On the other hand you did one of your lectures on “coasting” in the corners. It was so ignorant and you were so self assured I just had to keep it.
    What i know, what every driver in every division knows is that going into the turn the engine is braking while the driver hits his or her brake points. The only time coasting occurs is the fraction of a millisecond just before the driver starts to feather the throttle. And no, the left front does not come of the ground and is incrementally important to achieving the best lap times in just about any division.
    Now in the early days I’ll say the 1960’s the front left really came of the ground. The front left was so unimportant the guys frequently put a street tire on the car. But they didn’t coast either.
    Check with your imaginary driver and he’ll explain wedge to you.

  41. Any word on Waterford and if it will be on the NWMT schedule?

    What about Oxford? Haven’t been up there in a few years.

  42. Good comment Earl. Why do you waste your time on one line crap being DGF Lite?
    Here’s another fact I know about preparing a car. Everything matters. When someone makes light of toe or any other facet of preparing a car it’s pretty clear they’ve never done it.
    Yes there are priorities. A very long list. Yes some things are more critical the others. No there is no such thing as an inconsequential detail on a race car. When you add up all the itty, bitty little pain in the butt details and get them spot on they add up to lower lap times. Racing is a series of endless details that you address every single week regardless of your position in the standings then you send your hard work out into chaos and even if it survives you do it all over again.
    Tell me that isn’t true all you guys and gals with race experience. The endless work and detail is burned into my brain even after the better part of a half century.

  43. Anyways, this thread is about Jennerstown being added to the schedule, and Doug wants it to be about whatever he wants to drone on about, or what he wants to pry from others.

    Doug should only be concerned about what is going on at Stafford since that’s the only place he might go to.

  44. About Jennerstown DGF, really. Then why did you start with this provocation.

    🏁🏁🏁 darealgoodfella 🏁🏁🏁 says
    “Doug, it’s yet another track you’ll never visit.”

    Minding my own business. Perfectly acceptable entry in size and content. BAAM!!!!!!!!!! DGF strikes. You just can’t stay in your lane and be interesting. All you want to do is play bumper cars.
    From setting standards for others you don’t meet yourself, to your completely ignorant theories on coasting in the corner, tire lift and toe being unimportant. To that pathetic story about how you interview surgeons before an operation that was really a thinly veiled shot at Christopher for getting in the plane with a pilot he did not thoroughly quiz first. You’re going to criticize me for droning on.
    Last sentence
    “Doug should only be concerned about what is going on at Stafford since that’s the only place he might go to.”
    Really? You think it’s your place to advise me on what I should and should not concern myself with. When you yourself provoke, judge, make personal attacks and character assassinations from your BarcaLounger incessantly.
    Clearly the ravages of age have completely erased every filter and vestige of self awareness you may have had at one time. Reduced you to this blubbering, confrontational mass of unfocused meanderings that somehow you’ve convinced yourself is respected as a guru of local short track racing. I’m thinking its more in the vein of the emperor with no cloths.
    Disclosing detail about personal experiences is interesting, helps connect and give context to a persons observation as well as adding credibility. Earl decided to give some background that turned out to be darned interesting. Unlike you and your vague references to your connections to teams and drivers it had detail and substance. You hate that because you want people to represent themselves as you do. A universal fan the lives everywhere, goes to every race and joins you in empty headed provocations exactly like you did in this thread. Unfortunately for you most people aren’t afraid like you to show a little substance on occasion and not the continue load of delusional, self important BS you peddle.

  45. Fast Eddie says

    I think Jennerstown being added to the schedule makes a lot more sense than Iowa. Having WMT presence in an area that already has some Modified racing should help make it a big event. A little too far away for me, but it would not be surprising if there ends up being an Open or VMRS event around here the same weekend.

  46. One drawback to Thompson running tour races on Sundays is you lose the built in raindate. If a Wednesday show rains out you just run it on Thursday. If a Sunday show rains out it creates problems. Especially with a 17 or 18 race schedule. The Icebreaker and World Series aren’t much of an issue but the summer Sundays could become problematic at some point. The plus to Sundays is you could run a mini World Series with several tours on the same day. Even have some qualify on Sat. If you did it on a weekend that Seekonk has off or is running a special show it wouldn’t interfere with their Nascar program.

    Again, this is if Thompson is going to Sundays. They said they would have an official announcement within a couple of weeks. That was in July.

  47. Crazy in NY says

    Wow..after ODing on all this word salad I think the question(s) some asked about the 60 schedule was way near the top so…….
    Simply speculation on my part nothing else, next years plans have not been discussed with the team as it’s enough just to get thru this season. But…maybe….I think…it could be…yada yada yada.
    I’ll take a stab at it.
    Martinsville…near PeeDee’s home so I’d say likely.
    Iowa… doubt it.
    J Town.. coin toss Matt likes the place but it will depend on schedule conflicts and such
    Oswego…..of course yes.
    Others?? like I said idea.
    As we all know the Tour is not his focus. The TTOM, ROC will figure in as primary plus whatever else he feels like he wants to do. Business, family, crew availability etc are major drivers there.
    Lots of time before 2020 and like I said I’m only guessing so….
    Back to your flame war.

  48. JD, you make some excellent points on rain dates that could potentially create a bottle neck in re-scheduling or possibly canceling and event. However, the issue is scheduling is between the track and NASCAR. NASCAR has made a point of trying to reduce/control the cost of racing by making changes such as allowing fewer crew members over the wall and running a show on one day rather than multiple days. These changes however have caused many to question safety on pit road and additional travel expenses for those races that are farther away from the track so is there really a cost savings to the teams? Maybe for fire retardant racing uniforms, but when it comes to travel expenses such as food, fuel, lodging, tolls and vehicle wear and tear I believe it is as simple as robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  49. Jennerstown looks like a 9 hour drive.

    ROAD TRIP!!!!!

  50. I know Myrtle Beach has trouble filling the stands. They were built for bush grand National racing in the 80s. But right up the road is Carteret County Speeedway. It is a beautiful venue and a pristine location 5 miles from NC’s Emerald Coast. I think going out to Iowa is the wrong move. All the best mod drivers in the south are competing weekly at Bowman Gray Stadium. How about some heat races and an LCQ at the Madhouse. 23 cars make the show, The northern guys are too worried about tearing their stuff up, did you see WALL this year? A lot of them saw a wall for sure. CCS and BGS in 2020 would be great for the tour. Midwest doesn’t care about asphalt anyways.

  51. Speaking of Waterford, what is going on with them? This past weekend was supposed to be their big season ending show. I went to their website, which is still active but doesnt look like they have updated it since July when they cancelled racing for July. Has there been any work going on over there. The last I saw was a video mid summer from the GM saying they were in the process of getting permits to complete the work and they would be racing in 2019. Obviously 2019 isnt going to happen, but is 2020 going to happen? What is the latest on Bemers legal issues. Is he serving jail time or is he out on bail pending appeal. Just curious as I think the Bowl has some of the best racing and would hate to see it closed for good.

  52. Doug your forgot DaDope investigated planes that crashed

  53. Doug you forgot DaDope investigated planes that crashed

  54. I know I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack, but I find the choice of Iowa a little perplexing.
    Don’t get me wrong, because for years, I always felt that Nascar “dissed” and did not do enough to promote the modifieds I felt that they treated their oldest division with no respect, kind of like an outcast stepchild. Nascar appeared to be all about “fenders”, with respect to modifieds.
    For years, many of my racing buddies said, “nascar needs to do more” for these guys. “Gotta get ‘em on t.v. , build and expand fan base so maybe, just maybe, the fan following will become large enough, for all modified teams to benefit from a better purse, and robust series.
    So, it appears like that is, maybe, just maybe, it’s starting to happen. With the demise of the Southern tour, we have a “unified” tour, with more and more diverse (some previous i’ll admit) venues.
    When they did the small Daytona course, and people worried about the team travels, at least you had Southern based teams, as well as Speed weeks with New Symrna for a little team“moonlighting” if they so desired.
    But Iowa?
    I guess my point is, progress and expansion has to start somewhere for a series to grow. I hope it’s wildly successful and profitable for all. But I worry that some of the middle pack teams, where great racing exists, may be forced to become “part timers” due to costs and expenses of some of the long hauls in the upcoming season.
    So I ask, is this a good thing long term for these guys? Is it now all tv dependent, and we will lose a lot more of our local season races?
    And about Iowa, can one of you guys enlighten me if you think this location is a strategic move, or am I way overthinking this?
    As always, thanks for listening.

  55. Jennerstown, Iowa, Martinsville, Oswego(?).

    That’s going to be quite a bit of travel.

    Sure hope the remainder of the schedule is kept to one day events. But that’s not going to happen with Loudon.

  56. wmass01013 says

    If Waterford is not running and I don’t see any indication they will anytime soon, why not run special events at Thompson on Sat? I know Seekonk but you cant worry about other tracks 60 miles away, I actually though the 1 day rained out SIZZLER on Sat was perfect, U HAVE ALL DAY AND NIGHT to run and home on Sunday or rain date if needed

  57. Great summary Craig. I contacted Oswego and they said they “expect” to have a NWMT event once again in 2020.
    After a fail mainly for not properly doing my homework and appropriately getting taken to task for it revised schedule 2.0 as follows.
    Saturday 3/21 South Boston*, Sunday 4/5 Icebreaker, Sunday 4/26 Sizzler, Friday 5/8 Martinsville*, 5/23 Jenerstown*. Saturday 5/30 Seekonk, Sunday 6/ 7 Thompson, Saturday 6/20 Stafford or Wall, Saturday 7/4 Riverhead, Saturday 7/18 NHMS*, Friday 7/31 Iowa*, Sunday 8/16 Thompson, Saturday 8/29 Oswego, Sunday 9/6 NHMS, Saturday 9/12 Riverhead, Sunday 9/20 Fall Final, 10/18 World Series.
    Is the Stafford 8/7 vs 8/14 date a thing or a guess?
    That would make it like 7 events from 7/31 to mid August wouldn’t it with big travel?

  58. Bob, good points.

    As long as Doug is here with all is alter egos, everyone else looks like a bright beacon.

    As far as Iowa Speedway goes… the place is usually empty as it is for whatever it does now. For the NWMT event, GA grandstand tickets are $15. That’s right, $15. Top shelf club seats are $50. Ticket revenue is going be nearly non-existent. Poor attendance, even incentivized with low ticket prices, leads to paltry ticket revenue.

    The population of Newton, Iowa, where the track is located, is 15,000. You think the whole town is going to go to the NWMT race? A small fraction of that might go. Anyone else has to drive for hours and hours just to get to the track. This is sparsely populated Iowa. Des Moines is about 45 minutes away from the track, and is the largest city in Iowa. The population of Des Moines is 217,000. For perspective, New England is modified country, the tracks are surrounded by millions of people, and look at what shows up at Stafford, Thompson, Seekonk.

    Flights to Iowa are pretty reasonable.

  59. Thompson runs 6-8 Nascar shows a year. In what world does it make sense to go up against Seekonk?? Nascar doesn’t like that and it makes no sense given you would be splitting the fanbase/$$.

    I don’t see Stafford running a Friday WMT show less than a week after Iowa. I would
    imagine no race the week before and after Iowa. Probably no race on July 4th either. Again, I don’t think we are going to see anymore new tracks. That’s why Nascar was trying to keep Jennerstown under wraps until Shawn broke the news. I really don’t see a great date for Wall but sounds like they will fit it in somewhere. Sorry if that downplays the drama some so desperately want.

    If Thompson is going to Sundays what does that say about the road course program? Isn’t that a mostly weekend deal?

  60. “For years, many of my racing buddies said, “nascar needs to do more” for these guys. “Gotta get ‘em on t.v. , build and expand fan base so maybe, just maybe, the fan following will become large enough, for all modified teams to benefit from a better purse, and robust series.”
    “So I ask, is this a good thing long term for these guys? Is it now all tv dependent, and we will lose a lot more of our local season races?”
    I don’t know if it’s a good thing but you may have partially answered your own question Bob.

    No one here for sure has the answer to the question of what if any strategy NASCAR is trying to implement but it’s the 64 million dollar question. Is there a method to the Iowa madness that NASCAR sees and is willing to gamble on that we are not privy to. Is TV the future, pay per view and a wider audience?
    The times may be a changin.

  61. Crazy in NY says

    The negative Nancy’s on here kill me. Pee and moan about racing in Iowa when most won’t make the trek to J Town, LE or Holland when that was on the schedule. I heard (and have no way of proving it) that Iowa wanted the WMT. Did that come from TV exposer on NBCSN or Fanschoice TV I can’t say but the WoO sprints, Lucas Oil Lates travel all over the country and no one says boo. In other parts
    of the country some sort of “Modified” class runs locally so maybe the novelty of the WMT with a NASCAR banner snapping in the wind might just sell. Or not but I’m circling that date and a chance
    to see that cool track. If the “boss” doesn’t end up there then little ole me will extend an offer to a team that might need an experienced crewman . A low twenty something car count wouldn’t be a failure in my mind. Also…Jukasa NEEDS a WMT event ( my opin) and nobody mentioned another NY track that an inquiry was made about a Tour date.

  62. Doug, if you actually read anything people post you will see I pointed out on 10/18 that Nascar confirmed the return of Oswego last week.. Only 4 days late on that “breaking news”. Not sure it’s even news given they have been on the schedule for several years. I will let you get back to calling every track on the east coast while posting yesterdays news. Maybe Shawn could use a little help around the RacedayCt offices. My guess is you are available most workdays.

  63. IMO Iowa seems to be the mental and geographical “out in left field” race (way, WAY out!), but I hope it works for all parties. I agree with most; Thompson on Sunday is o.k. as long as Mother Nature doesn’t interfere. If Thompson were to run on Saturday, not counting the Icebreaker and World Series it would only be 8 races. The car conflict would be late models, but I don’t know that there would be a lot of fan conflict. Seekonk has a pretty good local fan base, and Thompson may be able to develop one from the Modified fan base. Thompson was running their K&N race on a Saturday night due to Waterford normally being closed that day (Waterfest?). Why not run a WMT race on that night instead?

  64. Iowa Speedway has been in a tailspin and appears to be happy to find anything that will run there. Read the article I posted earlier, and do some other reading. The track has been around for about 15 years.

    The track looks like a great track for mods. That sized D-shape will be interesting for the mods.

    Wonder what NASCAR will impose as a rules package.

  65. Road Racing at Thompson on Sundays is a challenge because of the noon curfew for starting. Many of the Road Racing events have multiple classes that all want 45-60 minutes of track time per group, and it can be challenging to provide that with so many groups of cars. Most of the Road Racing is during the week with Track Days for the different drivers clubs. Losing some Sunday afternoon’s to the oval probably wouldn’t be a hardship to the track, but could be a positive.

  66. Don’t get your panties in a bunch JD it’s not like I kicked your dog. A lot of people say a lot things in a forum and it’s just nice to see the source. You typically don’t show it like Thompson moving races to Sunday. Sometimes it’s just nice to refresh ones memory so I linked it up.
    Phil a said the Wall deal was signed according to local reporting. I tried to find anything about it but couldn’t so I contacted Wall. No response. Contacted other places as well. What’s the harm? Last year NASCAR and Stafford released their schedules around 11/21 so there’s plenty of time to enjoy speculation.

  67. “As long as Doug is here with all is alter egos, everyone else looks like a bright beacon.”
    In this thread exactly who are Doug’s alter ego’s DGF?
    Racer? Nope, not me. Just another one of your fans. Let me check to see if he came up with a new name for you. Let’s see DaDope Let me check the data base.

    Darealgoodfella, AKA DaFella, AKA Daidiot, AKA Dajerk, AKA Da Stupid, AKA longwindedfella, AKA darealidiot,AKA peterperfect,AKA Darealmoron, AKA Duh Real, AKA DareFakeFella, AKA DaDope, AKA Da Dumb Dumb, AKA, darealtripboy, AKA darealboogermaker, AKA boydareal, AKA darealisnotsafefromhisownstupidmistakes.
    Nope not there.
    As for your demographics review that I’m sure NASCAR will find shocking not having considered it themselves why waste your time. Just copy and paste what you said last July. Everyone can copy and paste what they said because nothing has really changed since it was announced. Surprising as it may seem Iowa is no further away or significantly different in demographics then it was in July when it was universally panned as a mistake.

  68. Oh, Iowa is indeed a mistake for the Modifieds of the Northeast. It’s a mistake of galactic proportions that will play out at glacial speeds. I do hope I am wrong. But, I also hoped I was wrong about all my predictions about Waterford.

    Iowa is a decent, relatively modern facility, nice track, but only 6 (six) events on the schedule for 2020. Has stands for 30,000, reports are that getting them half full is a goal. What idiot had the idea to put a track like that in an area with such low population density? The track was built when NASCAR and motorsports were at the end of the good times. Oops.

    Remember that movie, “Field of Dreams”? Famous line, “If you build it, they will come.” Well, that was just Hollywood. Iowa Speedway was built about 15 years ago and the people are just not showing up. So now somebody has a brilliant idea to bring out the Modifieds of the Northeast all the way to Iowa. I doubt anyone in Iowa has ever heard of the Modifieds, nor will many be interested enough to look into them or show up at the race. There’s just no people in the area.

    Iowa needs anything that can run there. If the Northeast Modifieds did not run in 2020, they would have only 5 events.

    The track itself will be pretty good for the Modifieds, in case anybody is interested in going to see them. Just a matter of how quickly teams can get dialed in with that unicorn set up. A ⅞ mile D-shaped track will be fast.

    Maybe the teams can get some sponsorship from John Deere, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Case IH, Fendt, Farmall, Maytag Blue Cheese, Bayer, etc.

    The 2020 Iowa schedule has 2 Xfinity, 1 Gander truck, 1 Indy car, 1 Menard’s series, and the 1 NWMT events. The Xfinity and Gander series races are vacant and barren.

    I highly recommend that the pits at the Iowa event are open to the public, just like the NHRA does. This will get the people up close to these incredible cars. Or at least for some time before the race, so the people can walk among the cars and see how awesome these cars are.

    But Sybil, make no mistake, the NWMT going to Iowa is a huge mistake. There is nothing to be gained. I’m guessing the track dangled some big bucks under the nose of NASCAR. Look at Bristol, ran there for years and then bagged it. And Bristol is in the heart of NASCAR country. Could never get people to show up. The whole southern Tour was that way, and it is gone. Out in Iowa, it’s all about dirt and tractor pulls. And tractor pulls are amazing. Perhaps Iowa Speedway should add a tractor pull, to get the attention of the people, and then lure them to see the Modifieds.

  69. I’m sure NASCAR right now is reading your analysis DGF and thinking my God, the guy went to Bristol what have we done? Or more likely wondering how some anonymous knucklehead from parts unknown can get so lathered up about a location and race he knows absolutely nothing about.

  70. Not to sound like a broken record but Shawn told you Wall was expected to host the WMT again months ago. If you just read the articles around here you would you might find them insightful. The source is the very place you spend all your keyboard days. Nascar is the other source (hint, hint).

    I don’t really get Iowa either but it’s a done deal. I’ve moved on. Hopefully it’s successful.

    Also, Thompson was running K& N during the day on Saturday. Not Saturday night. Nascar is not going to let one Nascar track go directly up against another Nascar track in the same area. The two fan bases are largely the same. Not really sure why people think otherwise. I’ve been going to both since I could walk. Equal distance away from most parts of RI and MA. Did Riverside people not go to Thompson? Of course they did. Kind of a silly assumption really.

  71. JD,
    The K&N Pro Series East events at Thompson in 2017 and 2018 were night events. They were scheduled on the Saturday when the New London-Waterford Speedbowl is historically dark for Sailfest weekend.

  72. Doug wrote, “Or more likely wondering how some anonymous knucklehead from parts unknown can get so lathered up about a location and race he knows absolutely nothing about.”

    Sybil, stop talking about yourself all the time.

  73. Crazy in NY says

    Oh, Iowa is indeed a mistake for the Modifieds of the Northeast. It’s a mistake of galactic proportions that will play out at glacial speeds

    Exactly what does this mean? A mistake how? And what are the consequences of this “mistake”?
    Doug and DGF (doug’s girl friend?) need to get a room… God every article Shawn writes turns into
    this battle of _________. Don’t you guys get tired?

  74. OK JD. I’m saying because people are anonymous and all our observations start with zero credibility that it’s considered good form to sight sources for observations. You’re having none of it so we’ll agree to disagree.

    Sorry, a little DGF trolling to catch up on.
    darealtriptikboy, darealcalendarengineer, darealwannabeexpert
    All courtesy of one Ms. Cherokee from July. Sorry I missed those DGF. Updated list as follows.
    Darealgoodfella, AKA DaFella, AKA Daidiot, AKA Dajerk, AKA Da Stupid, AKA longwindedfella, AKA darealidiot,AKA peterperfect,AKA Darealmoron, AKA Duh Real, AKA DareFakeFella, AKA DaDope, AKA Da Dumb Dumb, AKA, darealtripboy, AKA darealboogermaker, AKA boydareal, AKA darealisnotsafefromhisownstupidmistakes. AKA ddarealtriptikboy, AKA darealcalendarengineer, AKA darealwannabeexpert

    🏁🏁🏁 darealgoodfella 🏁🏁🏁 says
    “Perhaps Iowa Speedway should add a tractor pull, to get the attention of the people, and then lure them to see the Modifieds.”
    Trolling the good people of Iowa with stereotypes and pejorative references. Classic DGF. I just can’t decide if it’s because Bristol damaged you so severely or you will never forgive Iowa for voting for Trump.

  75. “Doug and DGF (doug’s girl friend?) need to get a room… God every article Shawn writes turns into”
    That has got to be the most ridiculous entries and complete lack of self awareness by one of the most active trollers and provocateurs in this forum that just completed a classic troll.
    What you could do CNY were you to be such a high minded fountain of information and good faith is to go a topic that is not festooned with mindless trolling like this one and say something unique and informative. No, not every thread is littered with this nonsense. You are here saying exactly what you’re saying because you love this stuff and are just as bad. Somehow however you have convinced yourself when you do it you’re above it all
    You did have a melt down and retreated to “lurking”, you did return and you have been sighted for provoking others by the moderator.

  76. “Wow..after ODing on all this word salad I think the question(s) some asked about the 60 schedule was way near the top so…”
    Classic trolling and provocation CNY. You just couldn’t go into your Hirschman update. You had to stick in a zinger thinking you’re above it all when you are the one doing it.. Just because it’s ignored doesn’t mean you’re not just as bad.

  77. Trolling
    “Trolling – (verb), as it relates to internet, is the deliberate act, (by a Troll – noun or adjective), of making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments on various internet forums with the intent to provoke an emotional knee jerk reaction from unsuspecting readers to engage in a fight or argument ”

    Examples of trolling:
    Doug, it’s yet another track you’ll never visit.
    Who cares what Doug’s prognostications are, let’s wait until NASCAR publishes the OFFICIAL WMT schedule. Should be interesting.
    Doug and DGF (doug’s girl friend?) need to get a room… God every article Shawn writes turns into
    Doug and DGF (doug’s girl friend?) need to get a room… God every article Shawn writes turns into

    Kneejerk reactions:
    See Doug’s responses above.

    Go to any comment forum. This isn’t the exception it’s the rule. An endless, mindless succession of self perpetuating crap, dominating by a few that simply never ends. Each party to destroying the thread a victim in their own mind while being the problem itself. It defeats the purpose of comment forums which is sharing of information with people with like interests and discourages participation by visitors afraid or turned off by what’s going on.
    Go through the comments in this thread and you’ll see terrific entries by thoughtful, well mannered people. But they’re buried in BS from DGF and myself. In my mind DGF always starts it like here but the fact is a classy person would let it go and I don’t. So then it goes back and forth and then another serial troller like CNY weighs in and it gets worse.
    Reseach has also shown there is only one way to stop it. For the moderator to reject any comments that does not further the topic being discussed and that has the intend to initiate a back and forth by a small number of people to the detriment of the forum. It has proven to force the worst offenders like DGF, CNY and myself to conform or move onto other more liberal forums that in the case of local racing don’t exist. It also saves the moderator a lot of time, over time not having the read mindless drivel.
    I know my place and it’s not to tell Mr. Courchesne what to reject or not to reject. I have read the research however and it clearly shows that iron fisted moderation improves participation by a broader segment of the audience and keeps the focus on the topic and not mindless squabbling. The NY Times and PatsPulit are probably two of the best examples of iron fisted moderation while Media Matters, Fox News and Newsmax place little restrain on mindless trolling and in fact probably encourage it.
    For my part I would be happy to see any comment including any of mine dropped that do not further the discussion at hand. For virtually any reason with no objection whatsoever. It’s not censorship in any respect. It’s simply focusing the conversation while giving the worst offenders a dose of negative feedback that almost always forces them to stay on the rails.

  78. Look, the Tour Type Modified has been around for decades and decades and decades. It hasn’t been able to expand beyond the Northeast region. Crazy, what that means is that having the mods go traveling all over the place, very far from their home market region, will do nothing positive for the series, and may end up being detrimental. What has these excursions done for the NWMT? Look, we love the mods, and most of us go to the tracks. Some travel to these distant events. I travel all over the place to go to mod races. When the NWMT goes on a road trip, it deprives the home market of a live race. That is not good for the health of the series. People will find something else, the home market that supports the mods will decline. It looks like there will be about four races way out of the home market region this season. A track like Bristol was exceptional, but it did nothing for the series, and car counts were not great. Decent teams did not make make the trip. But traveling out to other non-exceptional short tracks makes no sense, or to tracks very far away in remote and sparsely populated regions that don’t support this type of racing to begin with. These visits do not result in more cars, more fans, or growth of the series. These road trips to distant tracks result in more cost and the home market is deprived of another race. How many people from Iowa, Virginia, Tennessee, Western PA, etc. will see one of these races and decide to travel to the NWMT home market region to go to races? Just look at the license plates in a parking area, and look at the crowd.

    Crazy, Sybil is an easily triggered ❄️. Don’t let that stop you from posting. Otherwise this place turns into Sybil’s vomitorium. 🤮 🤢 🤮 🤢 🤮 🤢 🤮 🤢 🤮 🤢 Sybil appears to be as pathetic as Trump and Mitt Romney in creating alter egos to promote and praise themselves.

    Trolling stereotypes? Idiot. It’s called marketing, knowing the local market. Here in New England, McDonalds puts mustard on the burgers. They don’t elsewhere because of local market preferences. Go to a restaurant in Florida and you’ll most likely see alligator on the menu. Local market demands. Spiedies are a specialty unique to the Southern Tier of NYS. A fast food chain advertises its burgers as “100% beef in some markets, “all meat” in other markets. Go out west and you’ll see elk on menus. Out in Iowa and other big agriculture regions, tractor pulls, truck pulls, and dirt racing are the rage. Asphalt not so much. Sybil, if you traveled outside of the corridor between Enfield and Stafford you might have the opportunity to experience this. Music is regional and market driven, Nashville and Detroit are very different music markets. Travel to big agriculture areas and you will see pulling trucks and tractors all over place. On the weekends, pullers are being hauled to the events and you’ll see them on the roads. It’s called marketing, and knowing the market, knowing the audience.

  79. Even if Waterford remains shutdown, Thompson can’t run a ton of shows on Saturdays. Pretty sure NASCAR has a policy that any NASCAR weekly sanctioned tracks must be at least 45 miles apart if they constantly run on the same nights. Seekonk is just within that 45 mile radius to Thompson. They might be able to run 1 Saturday show a year, but after that there would likely be some objections. It’s the same reason Beech Ridge and Oxford in Maine can’t both be NASCAR sanctioned at the same time since they each run Saturdays.

  80. I have one simple ask; will you two please kiss and make up? This site had turned into a personal battle ground between Doug & DGF and it is off the reservation.

    I won’t take sides here so please enough!

  81. .” It’s called marketing, knowing the local market. ”
    The presumption you know the markets and NASCAR’s doesn’t.

    Very well then. DGF shall troll and provoke and I shall over react with lengthy knee jerk nonsense while CNY floats over it all thinking he’s different when he’s equally part of the problem.
    Meanwhile someone with real insights and an interest in racing will conclude they’re not getting in the middle of those three idiots and Ground Hog Day the movie plays on in and endless loop. Yeah for us.

  82. I have one simple ask; will you two please kiss and make up? This site had turned into a personal battle ground between Doug & DGF and it is off the reservation.
    I won’t take sides here so please enough!

    Earl you are a serial troller on the B list. And like CNY you for some unknown reason think you’re above it all.
    -Race/participate? So in your expert opinion Doug, which one does Melissa do?
    -You dodged my question. I nicknamed you he spin doctor well now I will add another, Doug the dodger. If Amy is a good dodge ball she may do well? Then what does Melissa have to do to do well in your humble opinion?
    -So I still want to know what is “fine”? If I wanted to read a book I would have gone to Barnes and Noble lol…
    -Doug, were you there or just arm chair quarterbacking? Just curious?
    -So Doug, were you at the race or is the FanschoiceTV from home opinion. Just wondering
    -What does Dowling in the 82 have to do with Lutz? The article is about Craig Lutz. Unbelievable!
    -Glad to see everyone is staying on track about what Ryan is doing for the SK’s at Stafford this weekend, well at least most are!
    -Doug, why do you find the need to over complicate and analyze everything to death? Very simply put, JB needs to win and Coby needs to have misfortune that takes him out of the points race. Thanks Shawn for the readers digest version

    You’re part of the problem as well Earl! You don’t take sides do you. READ WHAT YOU WRITE!

  83. I have one simple observation I would say is universally true. Never, ever in the history of all comments sections has a person, especially one that engages in trolling like you Earl made a request to have the forum be more civil and it has worked. The only way to make it conform is to drop the activity that causes the problems and eventually people get the idea. Even you Earl.

  84. You clearly are on a side Earl. The one that engages in trolling, provocation and taunts designed specifically to get into a rhubarb. You want people that don’t engage in it almost ever that would be not you. It would be guys like Barry, Fast Eddy, JMB, CSG, Craig, sky, just me……….the classy guys. The problem makers are DGF, myself, CNY and it includes you as well Earl. You’re not one of the good guys. You’re a serial trouble maker.

  85. Crazy in NY says

    Earl…buddy…You cut me deeply leaving me out of your last post. The Eminence of Enfield says I own a 1/3 stake in the problems around here yet you shut me totally. I’ve never been in a threesome and now I’ve finally got a chance and……………zippo. (tears) Woe (er I mean) Troll is me. :(..

  86. Sybil, you are not a victim. You are your own pathos. You are easily triggered, just like Trump. Thin-skinned, just like Trump. You have little to no comprehension, just like Trump, assuming you actually read anything. Perhaps you also do not have an attention span since you do not stay on topic, just like Trump, or even seem to be aware there is a topic, just like Trump. And Trump also claims he is a victim of not having total and omnipotent powers. 🤡😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡 Hey, are you really Trump?

    Doug, you have, on numerous occasions, promised to leave these forums and never come back. Those promises usually lasted maybe a couple hours. Promises made, promises broken. Yet, here you are, whining you are a victim. And then all your other fake screen names, while chastising others for using not using their real names. Like ‘Doug’ means anything? Profound hypocrisy, and you expect to get away with that while playing the victim card? As one fake screen name got into trouble, you’d create another. And another, and another, and another, … You are your own victim. 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯

  87. JMB followed up my point. Plus Waterford lost their sanction in April 2017 so not really relevant to my point. The 45 mile deal was what I was looking for.

    DaReal makes some good points. I think the tour should have a presence in VA. Some history there. Going to PA, Western NY once a year is fine with me but a bulk of the events belong in the Northeast. The crowds seem to support this. I’m pumped for Martinsville as a support race on Cup weekend. Stafford, Thompson, NHMS, Riverhead and maybe Seekonk are your foundation tracks. I don’t see that ever changing.

  88. Who me. Can’t be me says CNY. I’m a victim says CNY.
    Yes you CNY. Even when you bring something useful you just can’t resist trolling with some snide shot at someone. And you know what you’re doing. An update on you activities and Hirschman is appreciated but won’t get you any action. The trolling does.
    If I were elevating myself I wouldn’t be including myself right next to you CNY as part of the problem along with Earl and DGF. Others as well but we’re the only ones wrecking threads.

  89. Crazy, just an oversight on my part and I guess I am the other quarter since 4 of us were named. No disrespect meant my friend. Sorry about the threesome I guess that makes two of us, LOL………

    In coming, in coming, in coming!

  90. As far as Waterford goes…. latest news is that Bemer has been settling cases, numerous cases regarding the civil aspects. He has a big issue with a case where he is fighting a demanded test to see if he is HIV positive. And that he is preparing to appeal the convictions on the trafficking charges. I don’t see where that fits in the life of someone that is ~ 65 years old, and perhaps that explains why the bowl has gone radio silent. We might have to wait for an estate sale and asset liquidation to see the bowl change ownership once again and get back to operating. Bemer might have pretty big legal problems for a few years. The bowl will probably continue to fall by the wayside.

    Just forget the bowl for now, unless Bemer gets cleared to sell.

  91. Crazy in NY says

    Wayyyyy back…. there was a movie titled Bob nTed n Carol n Alice (1969)
    Today it’s Crazy n Earl,n Doug n Girl friend.
    Ok I’l be Elliot Gould ( hey my gag I pick first)
    Earl…Robert Culp ( Earl I’m assuming you’re male)
    Doug .. Natalie Wood. ( probably identifies as needed so this won’t be an issue.)
    DRG Dyan Cannon ( constant cat fight with Natalie er I mean Doug ..definitely a female trait.)

    Now for the pair offs.
    the E of E wrote >…….the classy guys. The problem makers are DGF, myself, CNY and it includes you as well Earl. You’re not one of the good guys. You’re a serial trouble maker…….

    Sorry Earl like the get Doug. Can you explain to him he’s ripping himself on here?
    Me and DRG are going to live happily ever after.. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.. this a fun site.

    And btw Natalie it’s CiNY The I is for in.

  92. Dareal thanks for the update on Waterford. That doesn’t look good for racing next season. I figured news wasnt good as we havent heard anything in quite sometime. What a mess. Bemer was supposed to be the savior for the bowl. He might be the death of it. Crying shame. Raciest track in CT.

    The race in IA. I am going to take a wait and see how it goes approach. I think the ontrack racing could be very good. I just hope the drivers are highly compensated for the trip out there. If the purse isn’t there, its late enough in the season where guys will have a good idea if they want to chase points or not. The race in Jennerstown I think will do really well its early enough in the season where most guys will support it. I would love to see the tour do a back to back on some of these long travel shows run a Friday Saturday or Saturday Sunday at two different tracks. I would like to know what teams thoughts are on that. Bad idea good idea. You would have to find another local track that wants to run the tour so it might not even be a possibility. You want the tour to expand and run different tracks but there aren’t too many tracks in the northeast that have the facilities and can afford the tour.

    Don’t forget you got one last chance at seeing modifeds in the Northeast at Seekonk (Tri track 100, Pass 150, and LM 50 show) this Saturday. If you cant make it, it looks like speed51 has a pay per view option. It is much better in person.

  93. Crazy, last I looked I am a male and there is no explaining to Doug. Here is one of the classic comments by him “I’ve made it abundantly clear I do not have current racing experience. What I do know without a doubt is I have enough racing experience to know what I don’t know and an interest to find out. You all are mostly talking about modifieds whereas I’m talking about racing in general”. Done for the night, going to watch the world series. Go Astros!

  94. Crazy in New York wrote: “Sorry Earl like the get Doug. Can you explain to him he’s ripping himself on here?”


    Doug is frantically playing, and over playing, the victim card while he is his own pathos.


    Total 💩 for 🧠s. Doug went to Trump University!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡 Doug is his own victim, and over playing the victim card is right out of the Trump playbook.

  95. It basically the same group. Earl, DGF, CNY. All petulant victims. What who me? You are what you are and it won’t change. I’m not asking you to stop being confrontational trolls. Your type throughout all of comment history is not introspective and considerate of change to make the forum better. Your type is about perpetuating the provocations and taunting. You’re trolls. Trolls can’t be anything but trolls and here as trolls you’re banding together to defend what you do.

    This summary of what trolls did to NPR that caused them to discontinue comments summarized by Matthew Greene, WQED, in 2018.

    “Like countless other news outlets, NPR found itself overwhelmed by trolls, anonymous contributors who had too often hijacked comment threads with offensive and inappropriate submissions.
    Simply put, trolls are the loudest voices in the room, the ones who write “crazy, nasty things just to get people all riled up,” as this latest Above the Noise episode explains in its exploration of trolling psychology.
    NPR found that only a very small and wholly unrepresentative slice of NPR’s audience was taking advantage of the comments section, Jensen explained, noting the sharp increase in inappropriate content. In one analysis of site activity, just .06 percent of all the visitors to in a single month actually submitted comments at all. And more than half of all comments submitted came from just a tiny group of shockingly prolific contributors who, it estimated, disproportionately tended to be middle-aged men. ”

    Seriously does this nail the activity here or what. Maybe not middle aged males but older males. A small group of us dominating the forum. Discouraging new voices from entering with constant provocations and nonsense.
    I believe we are a wholly unrepresentative slice of the RaceDayCT audience for sure. If we were the audience the site would no longer exist.
    More and more sites are coming to the same conclusion. Anonymous comments foster bad behavior and allow a small group to ruin it for the audience as a whole. It’s a fundamental flaw that only iron willed moderation can fix and even that has proven to be difficult as more and more moderator say it’s just not worth it.
    I think I see the problem crystal clear. It’s primarily us.

  96. The definition of insanity – Repeating the same actions and expecting a different outcome. If you stop playing in to them, they’ll stop trolling you. Please, there are many of us who are tired of all of it. It gets hard to dig through all of the comments to find out any piece of helpful info.

  97. DGF-“Crazy in New York wrote: “Sorry Earl like the get Doug. Can you explain to him he’s ripping himself on here?”
    CNY-“Sorry Earl like the get Doug. Can you explain to him he’s ripping himself on here?”
    Earl-“Crazy, just an oversight on my part and I guess I am the other quarter since 4 of us were named”

    Exactly the point of the article. A small band of trolls banding together to justify and support their bad behavior. And all older males. You’re living up to the research.

  98. Excellent point RichC.and of course you are completely correct. In fact I would say those of us trying to match blow for blow are exactly as big of a problem as the trolls.
    Now I would ask you a question RichC. Were a person or persons to troll you on literally every single comment no matter how mundane or innocent. To do it over the course of days, weeks and years what would you do? Would you ignore it. I tried, it’s really hard to do. Would you quit the site? There are few good choices.
    When I came onto the site years back before I was on DGF’s radar my first exposure to his style involved him being invited out to the parking lot by a guy at Stafford for a “chat”. As well as a gal he bullied into quitting the site. I’ve been his main target for literally years. Were I not here someone else would be in his cross hairs. Trolls can’t be anything but trolls and will simply move onto the next target. It’s not about the content for trolls. It’s about the power they can exercise in a forum with no consequences because they are anonymous. DGF is about power, not content. Earl and CNY are about power too although less virulent then DGF.
    Insane? I’d like to think not. Not making the best choices……..probably. A little ashamed of it all…..absolutely. But I do love my RaceDayCT, think I can bring some good points to the discussion and love the exchanges with the guys that are about racing and nothing more. Unless banned I shall continue.

  99. Hey Crazy, now we are a couple of power hungry trolls? And we are old to boot? What is this guy, Dr. Phil?

    And BTW Rich many great points and some solid advice! Some people just bring it on themselves.

  100. There is only one troll, and that is Doug. If you do not agree with him, he won’t let it go, and will go after anything and everything from then on, no matter how wrong he is. But then, he has no idea.

    When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.

  101. Doug,

    If you may recall, you and I had a few go rounds back when you first started, and I stopped posting to stop the nonsense. I come here for info, not to watch myself post. Good points may be embedded in your posts, but it’s hard to find them in so many words.

  102. DGF ,

    From the outside looking in, there’s more than one troll. Check out your mirror, bro. What I said to Doug applies just as much to you. Other than that, you have never spoken truer words about realization of your own behavior.

  103. RichC,

    Imitation is the finest form of flattery. Get it?

    Now let’s change the subject to toe, and make believe comparing toe across different series is meaningful, when no thread has ever needed a discussion of toe. And you are comparing it to toe you used 15 years ago in some street stock class while discussing in a NWMT thread.

    RichC, do you get it?

  104. Crazy in NY says

    Doug, in all seriousness when you write things like this >
    ” I’ve tried to convince you knuckleheads that if you support any racing you have every right to weigh in on anything as long as you have something interesting to say. Clearly it’s falling on deaf ears.”

    This is what brings on the wrath of the assembly of posters who regularly contribute here.
    Who made you the arbiter of what our rights are or what is interesting like we need your approval bestowed on us?
    Most of us here are simply having a little fun between making a point or two or an observation about
    the topic at hand. You get all tightened up about most everything then drone on and on overheating your keyboard and then keep score like a tote board with date and time of who said what , when yada
    yada. DGF waits on your posts, drops his bomb and you oblige him every time. Like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown. Stop taking the bait from me , Earl, JD , DGF and just roll with it. Or not. Jazzing you is entertaining if nothing else. Either way it’s good for business. Hits are hits.
    I eagerly wait your next utterance.

  105. ” I’ve tried to convince you knuckleheads that if you support any racing you have every right to weigh in on anything as long as you have something interesting to say. Clearly it’s falling on deaf ears.”

    That’s not the attack CNY. That’s the response to incessant attacks from anonymous people including you on occasion, who can provide no proof of their attendance patterns that make my attendance an issue.
    You aren’t serious at all. You just took the response and represented it as me initiating a provocation when you know very well that’s not the case.
    “This is what brings on the wrath of the assembly of posters who regularly contribute here.”
    Really. Ignoring the fact that you just misrepresented the order in which provocation took place let’s talk about the “assembly of posters”. Who would that be. You mean the troll patrol. You, DGF, Earl and JD. Is that the assembly of posters? The fraternity of accumulated wisdom. And why in Gods name are you feeling wrath anyway. Why not just ignore me, make your point and move on. it’s because you enjoy the confrontation.

  106. DGF,

    I get it. But, regardless of right or wrong, you all know who each other are, and you aren’t going to change anyone else (I should listen to my own words, but it’s worth a shot). So for the sake of everyone who does have understanding and wants to get some useful info from the site without digging through thousands of words of cow dung, PLEASE just let it go.

    I’m out.

  107. “If you may recall, you and I had a few go rounds back when you first started, and I stopped posting to stop the nonsense.”
    Yes I do RichC. Truex it was and charity was the initial salvo. But among the back and forth you disclosed some interesting history. You’re early interest in circle track racing, your road trip with your son taking in many venues and currently you are into road racing. Am I remembering that correctly? That’s what I remember so when you make a comment above like relating how moves in the Thompson schedule affect the road racing crowd I know it to be a good point. Actually one of the single best examples of how good this forum can be.
    You left the forum to stop the nonsense implying I was consistently trolling you and initiating provocations. Gonna have to call you on that one. My recollection is after the Truex deal I was enjoying your insights more then confronting you with them. As I recall my mere presence annoyed you much like it does Earl, JD, CNY and DGF AKA the troll patrol.
    The long posts being too long. Got me on that one RichC. In my defense I do a lot of research, my fingers dance across the keyboard and before I know it it’s a short story. My view it’s not any reason to change anything. The name is there, Doug, just pass it by and say what’s on your mind. If it really annoys you send a note to Shawn, tell him it bothers you and if he deems it appropriate he’ll advise me to make changes. I’ve already told Mr. Courchesne in a private note I support dropping any comment I make for any reason and I shall conform to any direction he gives me.

  108. “Now let’s change the subject to toe, and make believe comparing toe across different series is meaningful, when no thread has ever needed a discussion of toe. ”
    Forgetting the fact the we had a great chat on toe after he tried to marginalize it . that my friends is the person you’ve aligned with. The leader of the troll patrol. While you’ve all been trying to make some valid points he just can’t help himself. Good luck with your leader, you can have him.

  109. “Hey Crazy, now we are a couple of power hungry trolls? And we are old to boot? What is this guy, Dr. Phil?
    And BTW Rich many great points and some solid advice! Some people just bring it on themselves.”

    If you were to make your point Earl you’d copy and paste any time I have trolled or provoked you or even responded to anything you’ve said other then to say it was interesting. What I have done is play defense to you incessant trolling and taunts. You’ve actually have spent more time critiquing every single little point I make then showing you have any insights on racing.
    I liken this to a Junior High. I bring it on , not by provoking anyone. Not by trolling or initiating personal attacks. I invite it by being different. Maybe a little more research oriented and nerdy. Asking questions and getting into the weeds too much for your taste.Entries that are too long. Kind of be the target in the hall that sticks out for dressing a little different.
    This isn’t Junior High, I’m not interested in conforming to your ideas of worthiness so my advice is to buckle up because nothing is changing as far as I’m concerned.

  110. Hey guys check out the discussion going on over in the article on the dropped Thompson date.
    26 comments so far. Pretty well mannered I’d say with a good mix of opinions. I’m thinking food fights like in this thread may have some value after all. Won’t last but in the short term it’s nice to see.

  111. To CNY and DGF one thing is perfectly clear. You two could not be more different. Were it not for me you’d be at each others throat’s and you have been in the past. Yet here you are unified with a common cause. It’s both ironic and pathetic. That two such different persona’s could come together to attack not anything related to racing but another person commenting. You two being the alpha males, seeking to show dominance over the forum and you can’t do it until the common enemy is subdued. I’m each of your best friends.
    You’re welcome!

  112. CiNY, that is so sweet. But the Emperor from Enfield doesn’t have a chance to get it. He’s a real old dog that can’t learn. He prefers to get underfoot and kicked around. And just doesn’t understand why he’s constantly getting stepped on. He appears to be desperate for attention.

    CiNY, it’s not even bait. Just as you said “Who made you the arbiter”, Sybil does indeed conduct itself as the supreme narcissist, single handed judge of all, Sybil’s way or no way. So just the slightest conversation amongst others going a direction that Sybil does not agree with will cause total thermonuclear Armageddon in Enfield. He’ll wear out six keyboards about nothing. Just write something simple and innocuous, something normal and healthy people can talk about, debate and then leave it alone, but he gets triggered and 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. Normal life of others triggers him. Since I doubt “Doug” is a meaningful screen name, and Sybil has had so many, I’m going to refer to him as Trumper. He has no idea what he’s talking about, and when he get’s his butt kicked, nobody listens to him, or when you don’t agree with him, he makes up more nonsense, and yells louder and louder.

    I can teach but I can’t make them understand.

    Seekonk! Looks like a wonderful window of weather.

  113. Thank goodness you have this thread to vent aye DGF. Being civil in the other popular topic must be killing you. Up to thirty entries and it’s darned good.
    How long can you hold out? Go ahead, pull one of your grenades out and blow it up. You know you want to.

    “I can teach but I can’t make them understand.”
    Seriously. The only thing holding back the laughter on that one is me.
    You’re welcome!

  114. Welp, that didn’t work. Ciao.

  115. One of Sybil’s personalities wrote, “This isn’t Junior High, I’m not interested in conforming to your ideas of worthiness so my advice is to buckle up because nothing is changing as far as I’m concerned.”

    Everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.

    Sybil, never mistreat the people that handle your food.

  116. RichC, what is that saying, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”.

  117. So Doug, you step on peoples toes. Then the people whose toes were stepped on complain and bring that to your attention. You then claim to be a victim because people complained about you for stepping on their toes.

    And you wonder why people do not accept your perception?

  118. It just gets old. All of the incessant bickering. I get that there will be disagreements. Many times that can lead to useful knowledge. But the inevitable name-calling and finger pointing that goes with it just gets old.

  119. Crazy in NY says

    Stop me before I post again. As Flip Wilson’s character used to intone. ‘The devil made me do it”

    Now I’m obligated to produce proof I attended the races I do. That will get me cred with you?
    ha ha ha. Troll patrol has a new HEADMASTER. It harkens back to the movie Casablanca when
    “Louie” ( the constable) was “shocked” to find gambling in Rick’s establishment ( as he’s handed his winnings under the table). I’ll go back to the original jousting way back when, when you were welding something and got into it with DaReal. It was like a couple of those greenheaded fly’s standing on a turd munching away and complaining about each others breath. Hmmm..curious me. Seems like I may have grown my own green head. Post away Douglas. It is entertaining . I don’t know where the last page of the Internet is but I’ll bet you posted on it. (grin)

  120. RichC wrote, “Welp, that didn’t work. Ciao.”

    Did you really think it was going to work? I mean, seriously…. Sybil created an innumerable number of screen names to do what he does. One screen name was not enough. His demonstrated and proven narcissism and lust for power, control and domination led him to create screen name after screen name. Next thing you knew he had all these other screen names agreeing with him. All while accusing others of being narcissistic and fighting for domination and control of these forums, and accusing others of fake and multiple screen names. 🦇 💩 🥜 Trump has created fake personas so he can talk himself up. 😜 Sybil promised to leave permanently numerous times, and came back in a couple hours. Insipid Sybil is relentless. Ignoring does not work. There’s no cure, just have to beat it back. There is some bizarre entertainment value watching someone repeatably and predictably step into bear traps that are out in the open. Several folks here are extremely helpful, and gladly set the traps out. Easier than shooting fish in a barrel.

  121. Credibility you ask. It’s racing forum of mostly anonymous contributors.I’d say everyone in every comment posted by an anonymous contributor starts out with zero credibility. Stuart Fearn or Geoff Nooney start out with 100% credibility.
    This is a good example of the troll patrol at zero credibility. DGF somehow coops RichC’s point as exonerating him from all bad behavior and that of course was not the case. CNY isolates one sentence inferring from that sentence that somehow I am suddenly interested in proving race attendance when that has never been the case. Earl strikes me as just wanting to be one of a group to have a voice he may not be able to achieve on his own.
    Credibility you say. No, I don’t think any of the members of the troll patrol start out with any credibility. Even if you did it would be negated by your incessant bad behavior. Mostly I don’t care what any of you say unless you are factually wrong on a statistic or event. DGF and CNY are documented liars as am I.. I play defense with the members of the troll patrol for the most part. Were I to have my choice I’d have each of you mind your own business and worry more about the value of your own observations. That apparently each of you don’t have much confidence in seeing as how you spend more time picking fights to divert attention from them. If you have to respond to what I say I’d wish you address the point and not the unrelated race johnson measuring contest you all seem to get such glee from. Clearly that will never happen.
    I copy and pasted one excerpt about trolling, it’s causes and how it destroys forums. It’s one of reams of information about the genesis of comment sections. How they started out with noble intentions trying to mimic letters to the editor of tradition newspapers. How moderation from machine based to large staffs of devoted moderators have wrangled with the challenge of keeping the forum on the rails and for the most part it’s been a losing battle.
    I also learned how taxing it is on moderators mentally to go through it all so a big thanks goes out to Mr. Courchesne for doing it for so long. I think we all take it for granted and fact is the shear number of years he’s been doing it is remarkable in itself. Moderation is tough, really tough.
    What I noticed is none of you members of the troll patrol could argue with the notion that trolls are even an issue in comment sections. Obviously you wouldn’t since trolling, confrontation and provocation is the problem and you are part of the problem. Part of the problem that each of you not only have no interest in changing but won’t even acknowledge the problem exists.
    And so it goes.

  122. Sybil, you created numerous other screen names to get SOMEONE to agree with you. Do you see the problem with that? All that did was show that all those other fake screen names you created were also wrong with you. More people thinking the same thing does not make it right, just lots more people are idiots. In your case, just one with multiple personalities. That move to try to build a coalition amongst your alter egos was a real doozy. 🦇 💩 🥜 You have shown that you clearly can’t be believed or trusted.

    And now you are posing as the sole judge of righteous indignation, deciding that you are always right and the worlds around you are constantly attacking you. I like the way these things work out.

    You have ZERO credibility. No other options are possible.

    So, you Seething Seer from Enfield, your schtick is old. Still doesn’t work.

  123. So Doug, let me get this straight, you assign credibility by numeric score based on the posters name? And who assigned you the responsibility of being the credibility expert especially someone who posted using multiple aliases? So Doug, please tell us what is your credibility score? Tell me Doug please, then tell me how you arrived at the number and what criteria you based the number on?

  124. “I can’t wait to see what Crazy in New York has to say about this.
    While we’re waiting, let’s ponder that question again: why doesn’t Matt Hirschman have a NWMT ride?

    Great race and story about the Haunted Hundred. First comment. Not anything observational about the race nor the reporting that appeared in the Hartford Courant as well so congratulations to Mr. Courchesne for going mainstream… Right off the bat, DGF trolling CNY. You people can’t help yourself can you?

    I observed that you Earl just like to be part of a group to achieve power that you yourself probably couldn’t earn on your own. After seeing you parroting the multiple aliases theme it would appear that sadly I was spot on
    Try to think for yourself Earl. Go back, pull up a comment, any comment from me using another screen ID in the last year and post it with the date. That would make a solid point. Parroting the charter member of the troll patrol just makes you appear receptive to suggestions that you have no idea are true or not.

  125. Item F in my Handy Pocket Organizer of DGF themes.

    F) Hirschman can only win at bull rings, Hirschman is not talented enough to race a full NWMT schedule, Hirschman in not in the same class as the NWMT front runners, etc, etc, etc.

    Hirschman who most agree is one of the best things about modified racing made a split second decision that wasn’t his best for sure. To DGF it was just the biggest, juiciest, ripest low hanging fruit and what happened. Item (F) happened predictably. Along with trolling the process. Meanwhile the good guys are making thoughtful observations on what happened, the race, the crowd and doing what the opposite of trolls do.

  126. So Doug, I am thinking for myself. I have been reading racedayct for quite some time now, and remember you posting under other aliases then telling the masses you were leaving, and you did only to return.

    So thinking for my myself, you did not answer my question, what is your credibility score Doug, please tell me what it is and what criteria did you use utilize to base your number on. Doug you opened the “credibly” conversation here, passed judgement on me and others so Doug now it is your turn to convince those you passed judgement on how credible you are.

  127. Crazy in NY says

    Do skunks stink to each other?
    Do bee’s sting themselves?
    (rhetorical questions not to be answered literally)
    We have a poster here who has a penchant for the following

    relating to melodrama.
    characteristic of melodrama, especially in being exaggerated, sensationalized, or overemotional.
    “he flung the door open with a melodramatic flourish”

    Will he ever get over himself is the larger question,

  128. Sybil, why are you discussing the MH debacle at the Haunted Hundred here in the Jennerstown thread?

  129. It’s zero Earl like every other anonymous person. Named people in racing 100%. Everyone that’s anonymous zero. I don’t know any way to make it more clear.

  130. “Do skunks stink to each other?”
    I’d say yes and no.
    To a member of the troll patrol in this thread you SNY stink to high heaven and your fellow patrol members are loving your aroma as you are loving their stench.
    Meanwhile over in the Hirschman pit you’re getting sprayed on pretty good by DGF and I’m thinking you’re not thinking it very pleasing at all.
    Live by the troll, die by the troll. You can’t help yourselves.
    Trolls are a hungry lot. Leave them to their own devises and they’ll eat their own.

  131. Doug,

    Stop accusing them of being trolls unless you include yoursef with them. Page after page of sililoquies baiting others.

  132. A) Troyer was the one true chassis builder of quality equipment and Rob Fuller is a no talent bum that wrecked cars as a driver and LFR is over rated..
    B) Political comments centering on Trump can appear at any time. The constant is that everything associated with Trump is bad and if you support him you are not smart enough to understand how bad he is.
    C) Everything and everyone connected to the Speedbowl is bad, the track is dead, the season will never start, the stands will never be demolished, the stands will never be built and he predicted it all.
    D) Theories on everything from coasting in the corners to the importance of talent, tire management, cookie cutter chassis’s, crate like spec engines and chassis geometry. DGF get’s it you probably will not.
    E) Coby won with a cheater carb that became a flux capacitor or proxy for cheater carb. No one likes Coby, he’s won because he’s on a talented team and he‘s been lucky not having to overcome any adversity this season especially.
    F) Hirschman can only win at bull rings, Hirschman is not talented enough to race a full NWMT schedule, Hirschman in not in the same class as the NWMT front runners, etc, etc, etc.
    G) Doug, AKA Sybil, Insipid Sybil, RickyinMass. WeldingWonders has zero credulity, doesn’t go to the right races or enough of them, isn’t in the right place for the ones he goes to and doesn’t know what he’s seeing when he’s there.
    H) It’s always a zero sum game, there must be a loser for him to win. No debate, not gray area, no compromise. What DGF knows is the way it is and if you don’t get it you’re not bright enough to understand.

    Give my Handy Pocket Reference of DGF themes a second look CNY and Earl.
    Item (F) Hirschman and Item (G) Sybil.
    I’ve literally done all the work for you.

  133. “Curious George, I don’t recall all the details at this point. It may have been another TTOMS race, perhaps at Seekonk. Something to do with tires to be used in practice/heats/race and a tire change. Somehow, MH got away with something, like not practicing/qualifying which saved many laps on his tires which allowed him to finish the race without pitting for a tire. Everyone else had to pit. That was a shrewd and HUGE advantage. It was discussed at length in these forums. I’m not sure of the details at this point, but it was something like that. Exploited a loophole in the rules. Bush league. There was also discussion that MH has familial relations with TTOMS management/ownership and that put a twist on things. That MH was handed a swift DQ was shocking, given the familial relations and royal standing.”

    Iten (F).
    DGF doesn’t have a clue about what he’s referencing nor makes any relatable point. The only thing that is consistent is something associated with Hirschman has to be amiss. Item (F).

  134. Crazy in NY says

    Doug, just curious. Why did you chime in on a response of mine that was not aimed at you?
    Serious question really.
    yet…you like to think you are above it all. So laughable .

    Me getting spayed on LOL I like that. Oh and I’m not liking that you say?
    LOL. I’m enjoying this while the football games are on today. This jive and back and forth sure beats the exciting commercials or the half time shows. Now be sure to tab this post when you file it away in your ALL THINGS RACEDAYCT archive for quick recall when you complain next time someone “attacks” you for “no good reason” .

  135. Asking me questions. Like I even care about any of your questions at all.
    DGF is an unrepentant troll that can’t help himself. Earl says you shouldn’t be commenting on events you aren’t at and comments anyway but it’s OK because he has and excuse. You CNY bit on DGF’s load of crap like a bass chomping on a big old nigh night crawler when the entire thread knew what he was doing, you had nothing to explain and you bit on it anyway.
    All three of you aren’t worth the powder an shot to blow you up in my view.

  136. Yes RichC you’re the princess that lays out your wisdom, , expects it to be taken as gospel then when it isn’t you say you’re taking a powder but your aren’t really. It’s your MO.
    Here’s the deal. This thread is a food fight. The beginning in my view is DGF trolling me. Regardless it’s anarchy now. I never accepted your know it all, you’re too good to be here but you’re hear anyway attitude and I don’t accept it now.
    You have something to say that actually has value you could be saying it in another thread. Fact is you get more pleasure chiming in here in the food fight with your completely obtuse an futile observations. Futile observations loaded with hubris that you know the minute you type them won’t affect the conversation on bit.
    Tell you what champ you’re in it now. You want to get in the middle of a food fight hoping you won’t get any garbage on you good luck with that. I remember your racing interests and also remember all the other sanctimonious crap we exchanged and I’m not buying any of it.
    “I’m out: ” Ciao.” Always the big exit but never gone just a drama queen. You’re in it now champ.

  137. Crazy in NY says

    All three of you aren’t worth the powder an shot to blow you up in my view.

    Tissues….anyone? ………

    Stop accusing them of being trolls unless you include yoursef with them. Page after page of sililoquies baiting others.”

    RichC delivers it right between the eyes. ( and he’s not even in the Troll Trifecta)

  138. “Doug,
    Stop accusing them of being trolls unless you include yoursef with them. Page after page of sililoquies baiting others.”
    Tell me RichC. Whom did I bait and how did I do it? What person that has not incessantly trolled me like you are doing now have I purposely provoked with a personal attack, insult or any other nasty reference with ill intent. At what time did I initiate a confrontation with you or demean you in any way?
    I do recall RichC. You never ever having one thing good to say about any comment I ever made. Very much like Earl.
    What we have here is you seeing an opportunity RichC. And you’re making the best of it.

  139. ““I drove into turn 3 across the curb, left sides through the grass and into the side of the 50. Unfortunately he spun and others received damage in the process. For this I apologize to all involved.” Is he apologizing for what he did or the fact that Silk spun and got the others wrecked? I drove in to him with intent for getting even and sorry he spun is how it reads to me.”

    This is what I remember about you RichC. Cynical. Putting the most negative spin on an absolutely innocent and forthright statement by a guy that can’t possibly feel as bad as the statement suggested in your eyes.
    ” I will learn from this and try to do better next time. “—That’s what Hrischman said. The broadest apology I’ve ever seen from a top competitor and you’re parsing the obvious to come up with some clever spin that assumes the guy is a disingenuous word smith with a convoluted intent.
    You may be smarter but you’re DGF in perspective.

  140. “As sure as night follows day you knew Mr Low Rent himself would be first up to tee off on me and whatever else captures his fancy. Bring it clowns.”
    Calling DGF names. My my. Mr. Low Rent. How very trolly of you CNY. Or is it a thoughtless knee jerk reaction? In any event it’s you two eating other. As I predicted because trolls will be trolls.
    Now RichC, he sees no problem in any of that. Actually I’m happy he didn’t blame me for your new exchange. In any event you have a new member of the troll patrol until he makes one of his final statements then grand exit. Not really but he is quite the drama queen.

  141. Doug – I have tried to get all of you to please leave it alone. It’s gotten tiresome. As far as me being cynical and just arguing with you goes, here’s what I posted to you when you first gave me crap… “Doug – Nope. Not a tug of war. I read your comment as saying that things like what Truex did in Charlotte were not as important, and I strongly disagree with that. Without celebrities volunteering their time to act as spokespeople, raising money, doing the special events at holidays, there wouldn’t be as many volunteers needed, as there wouldn’t be as many facilities. People that volunteer their time to work in situations where there are needs are critical, but without the money, there’s almost nothing. 2 sides to the same coin. If I misinterpreted what you were trying to say, my bad.” And I was supporting Truex visiting kids in the hospital. Yep. Mister cynical himself. Sometimes I try to contribute something to the conversation. Sometimes I just need to get in there and say something that I beleive many others are thinking.

  142. This is part of my comment that appeared before your response.

    “Special events were big on the holidays and clowns always a favorite.
    All major sports do this. I get it. It’s a media event as the gaggle of reporters in this article and it’s source attest. Is it a good thing, of course. Is this the most important thing to this child, you’re darned tootin it is. Is it the most important thing to recovering children across the country in hospitals………not at all.
    My thanks goes to Janet. One of the many volunteers across the country that spent so much time on the ward at Shriners Hospital in Springfield. Bringing a smile to some of the most courageous children in the country enduring endless days trapped in a hospital bed but always ready to smile when someone showed they cared. Not one day, not with any media attending but doing it out of the goodness of her heart.”

    This was your initial response.

    “Doug – Do some research before you comment on Truex’s commitment to this. He spends a LOT of time and energy to support this cause. Not trying to belittle the volunteers, as they are ABSOLUTELY the unsung heroes in this, but having a celebrity who dedicates their time and effort to educate people and raise money to support it is JUST as important. NASCAR was going to do something to make themselves and Truex look good. He chose the vehicle that they used, a cause that he spends a LOT of time supporting. Use Google. I posted ONE link to an article which touches on his involvement.”

    You could have worded a response to find common ground. Your initial response was confrontational then the rhubarb was on. Clearly not believing the research I did for decades being intimately involved with the physically challenged community having children with challenges. Do research indeed.
    Now you’re cherry picking again playing the good guy when it was you that started the rhubarb in the first place.
    Read it all again. You created the problem

    “So then I guess you’re saying that celebrities doing charitable work isn’t as valuable because the media picks up on it. So I guess you think they shouldn’t do it. ”

    You bet your cynical. Read what I wrote.It’s exactly like your cynical view of Hirschmans statement. No one reading my comment at the time could come to the conclusion you did.

    No RichC you aren’t the impartial innocent good guy you pretend to be. You trolled me way back then seeking to get into a tug of war and you got it. You lied by changing what I said to give your side of the tug of war greater leverage.
    Here’s the bottom line. Clearly in this thread you’re directing your barbs at my behavior while largely ignoring everyone elses. Were you to be impartial you’d be calling out others as well. Until you do you’re merely another member of the troll patrol in my view.
    I don’t think it tiresome so much as embarrassing. You had the choice to keep your yap shut, stick to the more well mannered threads but you didn’t. You joined the food fight and now you’re whining about it.
    You haven’t changed a bit either.

  143. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with huge amounts of 🐂 💩.

  144. When I’m not dodging slings and arrows from Earl, DGF, CNY and now you RichC I’m making some pretty positive and on occasion insightful comments. Accumulating some results and making observations. Supporting teams, people that make good comments, tracks, series and of course RaceDayCT. I’ve had some nice feed back for certain comments and have had thoroughly enjoyable, non confrontational exchanges with many. Except you four. The troll patrol
    You four can band together all you like and build of each others bad behavior.. I left that group mentality back in grade school, think independently and say what I say that generally never deliberately disparaging anyone, organization or group. When it is negative it is usually accompanied by some kind of data or back story.
    You in the troll patrol will continue to do what you do because in general you’re miserable old men trying to create drama where none need exists. Trolling and insulting others is ALWAYS easier then creating good comments that people will enjoy reading and get something out of.

  145. Doug – 2 things. First, you absolutely do come up with interesting info from other people. My point is that digging through the 5 consecutive posts of 300 words each is tiresome. And I believe the comment that set you off this time was me telling you to include yourself in the troll patrol because you are just as freaking bad. Told DGF to look in the mirror too.

    As for the second thing… screw it, you are convinced that you are the wronged party, and as such will not listen to anyones message, somwhy bother arguing.

  146. “The definition of insanity – Repeating the same actions and expecting a different outcome. If you stop playing in to them, they’ll stop trolling you. Please, there are many of us who are tired of all of it. It gets hard to dig through all of the comments to find out any piece of helpful info.”
    Read the thread RichC. Read the other threads RichC. Where is the trolling coming from that wrecks the threads? Who starts it. Your response. Certainly not to condemn or call out the cause. I’m insane for responding to it in your view. Then I document the trolling and you say my response is trolling. Oh and yah, I’m also guilty of writing comments that are too long. I’m not set off at all. Just amazed at your absolutely obtuse and ham handed involvement in this entire episode.
    What I am convinced of is one thing. DGF starts it and wrecks threads. You can see it for yourself. If you’re afraid he’ll target you if you call him out that’s fine if you’re not up to it. But don’t be blaming the target for being in front of the bullet.
    Nothing is changed. From Truex to Hirschman to this thread your style is distinctive. Ignore everything that’s said, jump to the conclusion you have in your head that’s usually myopic and self serving, posture like your farting rainbows then act all surprised when it doesn’t work out.
    This is how ridiculous your are RichC. You’ve been around the forum for years. You know what goes on. You should know that never in the course of comment history ever has a person stepped in and with a few lines and stopped a dedicated troll like DGF. And certainly not by blaming his main target. And yet you’re surprised.
    And the big exit. What’s that like the 32 second time you’ve washed your hands of the insanity here. Sure didn’t see that coming.

  147. CNY VP or the troll patrol.
    “Doug the Raceday archivist probably has it all date stamped and ready for instant recall, ask him.”
    I’m not involved in the ridiculous exchange between the two worst trolling offenders and yet CNY takes the time to troll me anyway.
    Trolls can’t help being petty, insecure trolls trading in completely irrelevant nonsense.

  148. DGF
    “Anyone here a certified mediator, judge, arbiter, etc?

    DGF and CNY filling up a thread trolling each other with mindless squabbling and each taking the time to troll me even though I’ve addressed neither.
    Trolls simply can’t be anything but trolls.

  149. JD has joined the Troll Patrol.
    “Dareal, while I agree with you more than not calling Crazy and Sybil siblings is low. ThInk about that statement. You and Crazy obviously see things differently but there is only one Sybil and he has his own zip code here. You and Crazy just need a little couples therapy. I have hope for you two kids.”

    And a perfect fit indeed. Another anonymous nobody with no record accomplishment from no identified location and no experience in racing that can prove nothing making people that comment and not racing an issue.

  150. 55 out of 151 posts, Dougie. One on topic.

    From an earlier post on this thread – “Trolling – (verb), as it relates to internet, is the deliberate act, (by a Troll – noun or adjective), of making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments on various internet forums with the intent to provoke an emotional knee jerk reaction from unsuspecting readers to engage in a fight or argument ”

    Also from earlier in this thread “DGF , From the outside looking in, there’s more than one troll. Check out your mirror, bro. What I said to Doug applies just as much to you. Other than that, you have never spoken truer words about realization of your own behavior.”

    So, to your 3 points.
    1 – You hijack the thread to extend the argument. For no other purpose than to argue. Over 1/3 of the posts from you and only you. I am trying to stop that kind of stuff so I can actually read useful information. If that was all you posted, I would have not said anything.
    2 – Called out DGF because he is the worst one here for sure. But you play right in to him every time. Stop reacting to him and we’ll all be happier.
    3 – Never said I was done last time, just that I wasn’t going to type what I was thinking at that point.

    So PLEASE, read what I am trying to say, and don’t take it as a personal attack, it is not intended as one. Just stop attacking DGF every time that he trolls you and arguing with him The insanity definition goes to you thinking that you can change him.

    This time, I am done on this thread. I reserve the right to comment somewhere else when I get disgusted with yet another hijacked discussion, or if I have something useful to contribute. Apologies for contributing to the hijack.

  151. RichC, I admire your ambition. However, what you are doing is absolutely futile. Sybil, and all of its other manifestations, plays the victim card even when someone does not agree with Sybil. Point any of that out and it gets called trolling, further attempting to carry the victim position.

    Sybil can’t let it go, ever. When Sybil is not overplaying the victim card, which must be a crate of cards, Sybil is off topic. Way off topic.

    There can be no discussion in opposition of Sybil, it is Sybil’s way or trolling.

    RichC, looks like you will be considered a new member of the Troll Patrol. You wicked attacked Insipid Sybil, or one of its personalities. Welcome to the club, homey!

  152. RichC wrote, “55 out of 151 posts, Dougie. One on topic.”

    RichC, that was enough, you should have stopped at that.

    One on topic. Priceless. No need to make anything up, use multiple fake screen names, exaggerate, etc. Sybil treats this as a personal vomitorium. 🤮 One comment on topic. And he accuses others of trying to control the forums.

  153. The definition of internet trolling:

    “Trolling is defined as creating discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people by posting inflammatory or off-topic messages in an online community. Basically, a social media troll is someone who purposely says something controversial in order to get a rise out of other users.”

    Sybil, one on-topic post in a thread. About a third of all posts are Sybil’s and only one is on topic. If that is not a troll, what is it? Vomitorium? 🤮 Pathological narcissist? Any semblance of an attention span?

  154. RichC. 11 comments 1 on topic.Yup you really are setting the standard aren’t you champ.
    Me I actually had at least three on race related topics but it’s OK RichC cause I have yet to see you get virtually anything right.

    But, but, but I’m really done now. But, but, but I might not be.

    DGF in the two Hirschman threads.
    31 comments, 284 lines of text and 150 emogies. Most of which are meaningless squabbling with CNY while Doug makes 5 entries all of which are race related and none of which are confrontational.
    Is old RichC outraged at DGF for his conduct…………nooooooo……….of course not.
    You’re a pompous ass RichC, hypocrite and fake. And as it turns out can’t count either.

  155. See RichC you got a hug from DGF. Turns out you’re one of the best feckless straight men he’s ever had in the troll patrol.. Good luck with that.

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