Welcome Back: Jennerstown Speedway Announces Return Of Whelen Modified Tour For 2021 Season

In 2020 the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour returned to Jennerstown Speedway for the first time since 2006. 

And what was expected to be a one-time visit for the 2020 season turned into a double-dip for the Whelen Modified Tour. In addition to the series running their regularly scheduled event, a second event was added to kick off the 2020 Whelen Modified Tour season after COVID-19 restrictions went into effect. 

And as expected the series will make a return to Jennerstown in 2021. 

Jennerstown Speedway general manager Bill Hribar announced Friday evening that the Whelen Modified Tour will run on May 29, 2021 at Jennerstown. 

“This was on the schedule last year for the same weekend, but unfortunately COVID made it get moved,” Hribar said. “We’re still working through all the details. The Tour plans on releasing their full schedule next week hopefully. However we wanted to announce it at this time. … We’re really excited about that.” 

The series had originally scheduled the same Memorial Day weekend date for 2020. Ultimately that event was postponed to August because of COVID-19 restrictions. The Whelen Modified Tour ended up opening its 2020 season on June 21 at Jennerstown with eventual series champion Justin Bonsignore scoring victory in the kickoff event. 

The series returned to Jennerstown for its May makeup with an Aug. 22 event that was won by Craig Lutz. 

RaceDayCT reported exclusively Friday that the Whelen Modified Tour will also return to New Hampshire Motor Speedway in 2021 for a Saturday July 17 event.

For the 2021 season, NASCAR has announced Whelen Modified Tour events at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway (April 8), Lancaster (N.Y) Speedway on July 31 and Richmond Raceway (Sept. 10). Stafford Speedway has announced three Whelen Modified Tour events for 2021 on April 25, Aug. 6 and Sept. 25. Riverhead (N.Y.) Raceway management has confirmed that they will have two events on the Whelen Modified Tour schedule next year.

Oswego (N.Y.) Speedway is also expected to host one Whelen Modified Tour event next year. It’s unclear when NASCAR will announce a full 2021 Whelen Modified Tour schedule.


  1. wmass01013 says


  2. APRIL
    2, 3, 4
    (9 TSMP, 10 TSMP, 11 TSMP- T)
    (16 NHMS, 17 NHMS, 18 NHMS- S)
    23, 24, (25 SMS SIZZLER-S)

    (14 SMS OPEN-S), 15, 16
    21, 22, 23
    28, (29 TTOMS STAR-S)(29 NWMT JENNERSTOWN-S), 30

    4, 5, 6
    (11 SMS OPEN-S), 12 ,13
    (16 WED TSMP OPEN- T)
    18, 19, 20
    25, 26, 27

    2, 3, 4
    (7 WED TSMP OPEN- T)
    (9 SMS OPEN-S), 10, 11
    23, (24 TTOMS STAR-S), 25

    (6 SMS NWMT-S), 7 ,8
    (11 WED TSMP OPEN- T)
    13,(14 TTOMS MONADNOCK-S), 15
    (20 SMS OPEN-S), 21, 22

    (8 WED TSMP OPEN- T)
    (10 NWMT RICHMOND-T),11,12
    (17 MRS STAR-T), 18, 19
    24, (25 SMS OPEN-S), 26

    (8 TSMP,9 TSMP,10 TSMP- T)
    22,(23 TTOMS SEEKONK-9), 24


    Tri Track schedule is now published including 6 races.
    Conflict on May 29th when TTOMS and NWMT races as scheduled.

  3. Nice job DOUG, WE will see how the May 29th Conflict plays out. I am hoping that STAR runs their Race for those of US FANS, who will drive up to Southern NH, But out to Jennerstown PA way out near the OHIO LINE… Those concrete Highway seams will put you high stress mode out and back home… No thank you ..

  4. My pleasure Jake.
    Love your commentary. Don’t agree with it often but man you put your observations together well and in a consumer friendly way.

  5. Bill Realist says

    Yea only 9.5 hours away for me. Cannot wait

  6. Conflict comment: Let’s see now… three days 500+ miles and 8.5 hrs. drive one way not counting traffic issues to see one event, OR… 1.25 hrs each way with a chance to see early morning time trials at the close by dragstrip on the way (love hitting 2 tracks in the same day). I think I’ll know where I’ll be that day!
    Here’s an interesting question: I wonder where Hirschman will end up that day? Jennerstown maybe in the PeeDee 60 closer to home. or running TriTrack at Star?

  7. Where’s the love Jake ? Just lower the air pressure in your tire’s or purchase 4 new michelin’s . Plenty of great race track’s to visit in PA.

  8. I’m sorry Bill and Eddie. I didn’t realize the tour was restricted to a 100 mile radius of your homes. I’m sure you are ok with all those western NY teams driving the opposite way that same weekend to entertain you at Star though?? Good thing guys like MH, Emerling, Hossfeld, Andy J, the Catalano family and others don’t live by that code. They drive that drive week after week to entertain us. Stop being selfish. There are some great modified fans in PA who are happy about having a race in THEIR backyard.

    The PeeDee car is based in South Carolina. Jennertown is not a home track for them. Every race is a haul for them.

    My bet is if the top TT dogs go to Jennertown then TT will adjust the schedule. If the big dogs commit to Star it will remain on May 29th. I wouldn’t do or say anything if I were them until after the WMT schedule comes out. Then adjust accordingly if needed.

  9. I’ll go out on a limb and say Hirshman ends up at Star running Tri Track. For the record, I wouldn’t travel 9 hrs one way to see a tour race either.

  10. We all know Tri Track will not run against WMT, they rescheduled every time this year, this one will be moved aswell, the problem is when, lots of clutter already on the Calendar, and we still haven’t seen what Waterford is up to or ROC.

  11. Yes indeed brother JD. Selfishness is running amok and we as fans need to follow your example can you say Amen?
    Hirschman has said on numerous occasions it’s his intent to support Tri Track. He’s stated on numerous occasions that Star is a favorite he’s done well at. Odds of a Jennerstown appearance….minimal.
    I don’t suppose moving the Star race to Sunday is an option is it. Having to accommodate NASCAR yet again would be a bitter pill.
    One would think the drivers with conflicts would be at Jennerstown and there are a lot of them. Tri Track will be fine but they would lose a bit of star power.
    Hopefully Saturday at Jennerstown it’s sunny and at Star heavy rain and the Sunday rain date cures everything.

  12. I think the 2 tracks are far enough away from each other, that they shouldn’t need to reschedule. But, if your thinking of competitors that might compete in both, then Tri Track would most likely reschedule, as they actually do care about their competitors.

  13. May 29th is early enough in the season, that Covid may dictate who races, and who don’t, and there’s the possibility neither race happens. I’d put money on Jennertown having a better chance if that’s the case

  14. 🌈JD🌈, the guy that says he ain’t wearing no stupid mask says, “Stop being selfish.”


  15. JD, I’m selfish? I’m selfish because I won’t go to Jennerstown to see a race and spend enough money to cover seeing at least a 1/2 dozen events closer to home? Who exactly am I being selfish to? NASCAR? The WMT? In case you haven’t seen it in my previous posts I’M JUST A FAN! As such I have a limited amount of time and money to invest in enjoying races. And by enjoying them I’m spectating, not racing! I do not have a race team and the wherewithal to run the tour! I also do not need to see only a specific group of racers to have a good time at the races. This may shock you, but I sometimes even go to races that don’t have any Modifieds at all! If supporting the WMT is really that important to you, you’re welcome to send a check for me to Shawn and he can forward it to me so I can go chase the WMT if you think I really should!
    And now back to the more normal universe… I think Rob P. is spot on. The distance between the two events will keep the schedules as is. TriTrack changed it last time due to a WMT event that was only about 75 miles away. There’s almost 1000 miles separating these two events. And although my “racing radius” is more than 100 miles, I’ll still be at Star if family, work, and money obligations deem it feasible.

  16. If you are not going to a race don’t go to a race. No big deal. Nobody cares. When you come on here and cry like a school girl because one race on the schedule is not near your home you sound selfish.

    I have no idea what TT/Star will do but when Stafford had the SAME conflict with Jennertown last summer Stafford changed their open date.

    Still exactly zero NFL games that have not been played in 2020.

  17. No crying involved at all. It was an observation, not a complaint. Just commenting on which of the two options works best for me while trying to throw a little sarcastic humor in for fun. I’m sure the folks that can go to Jennerstown will see a great race, as will the folks that can go to Star.
    I think Stafford opted to change because of the number of their “regulars” that also run or work on cars for the WMT and Stafford’s Opens. The WMT vs. a TriTrack bullring event effects a smaller number of drivers and crews, as many of them focus on the smaller tracks. Jennerstown may have some of the teams participate that can’t come up to New England, giving the WMT field a little different look, which will be a good thing. Overall I think there are plenty of race teams for a good turnout at both.

  18. The Atomic Punk says

    Jennerstown is just too far of a drive from Rhode Island unfortunately.

  19. 🌈JD🌈 wrote, “Still exactly zero NFL games that have not been played in 2020.”

    Yeah, the NFL looks like back in the strike days with scabs playing. They can’t wait for this disaster to be over.

  20. The Atomic Punk wrote, “Jennerstown is just too far of a drive from Rhode Island unfortunately.”

    According to 🌈JD🌈, it’s only 25 minutes air time, take a plane.


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