Bryan Narducci Wins New England Racing Fuel Support Performer Of The Week Award

Bryan Narducci is well versed in taking home the prize for the weekly New England Racing Fuel Support Performer of the Week Award for capturing victories in his Limited Late Model at Stafford Motor Speedway.

This week Narducci got to celebrate grabbing the award in his new open wheel ride.

Narducci scored victory Saturday in the SK Light Modified feature at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. The Colchester driver was making his second start in the division.

And this week he was voted as the New England Racing Fuel Support Performer of the Week.


Narducci collected 138 of 293 votes cast (47.1 percent) in this weeks polling.

Chris Meyer, the winner of the Limited Sportsman feature Saturday at the Speedbowl, was second in the voting with 44 votes (15 percent).

Narducci will receive a $20 certificate for race fuel from New England Racing Fuel.

The final voting results for this week are listed below.

NE Racing Fuel Support Performer Award

2017 New England Racing Fuel Support Performer of the Week Award Winners

Sept. 6: Bryan Narducci

Aug. 16: Marcello Rufrano

Aug. 9: Daniel Wesson

Aug. 2: Marcello Rufrano

July 26: Zack Robinson

July 19: Jacob Perry 

July 12: RJ Surdell

July 5: Dennis Charette

June 28: Glen Reen

June 21: Ray Parent

June 14: Johnny Walker 

June 7: Joey Ferrigno

May 24: Zack Robinson

May 17: Cory DiMatteo 

2016 New England Racing Fuel Support Performer of the Week Award Winners

April 10: Tony Membrino Jr.

April 27: Alexandra Fearn

May 11: Tony Membrino Jr.

May 25: Tony Membrino Jr.

June 1: Woody Pitkat

June 8: Phil Jacques

June 15: Tony Membrino Jr.

June 22: Brent Gleason

June 29: Kevin Gambacorta

July 13: Joey Ferrigno

July 20: Jacob Perry

July 27: Al Stone III

Aug. 3: Daniel Wesson

Aug. 10: Marcello Rufrano

Aug. 17: Wayne Burroughs Jr.

Aug. 24: Joey Ferrigno

Aug. 31: Jacob Perry

Sept. 7: Jacob Perry

Sept. 14: Bryan Narducci

Sept. 21: Glen Reen 

Oct. 12: Tony Membrino Jr.

Oct. 19: Phil Jacques

Nov. 2: Tony Membrino Jr. 


  1. Narducci, not a fan. Got under Alexandra Fearn earlier in the year, spun her and sent her into the wall.. Friday night he made a simply horrendous move on Fearn and Suanders. Fearn left for reasons unknown, Narducci spun and Saunders went on to win. And Narducci who has money and an unmatched library of racing royalty backing him wins in the Liights at the Speedbowl and is the most popular while Saunders gets zip. That’s racing.

  2. Doug, unfortunate your not a fan of Bryan. Kid is fun to watch. The accident with Fearn was a mis calculation on his part which he is fully aware of nothing intentional. In regard to the pass of Fearn and Saunders were you watching the same race I was that was a bold and aggressive pass which nobody else would of dared to do because of the lack of talent. That kid has more talent than most of his competitors combined. Give the kid kudos next big thing in mods for sure.

  3. That’s an interesting way to put it.
    ” bold and aggressive pass which nobody else would of dared to do because of the lack of talent”
    He spins and ends up in the back of he field, Alexandra has yet another good run erased, a race he could have won he didn’t and that to you is a sign of good racing. There’s another word for making a move that results in nothing good that no one else would make- boneheaded.
    I agree, you are a fan of young Narducci for better or worse. My view, he’s driving equipment that far exceeds his experience an judgement. All expected in a young driver and fine just as long as he’s not wrecking others with his “mis calculation”.

  4. In The Know says

    FYI Doug Bryan’s spin had nothing to do with Alexandra’s not finishing. She was black flagged for leaking axle grease. If you were spectating you would of seen it spread around the track hence the speedy dry. In regards to him “driving equipment that far exceeds his experience” is stretching it a bit don’t you think. He won 2 races last year as a rookie and has won 3 races this year at Stafford in a limited late model. On top of that has also won at Waterford last week in an skl in his second time out. Based on those stats I’d say he’s got his act together. Most drivers would call that a career.

  5. Narducci Fan says

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and in this industry, many drivers are loved and hated. I was surprised by the statement by Doug “Narducci who has money” – he doesn’t have money, he’s worked hard to earn the respect and confidence of his sponsors to help him grow in this industry and progress in both series. The acclaimed racing royalty is actually loyalty – Narducci is loved by most and his winning the Support Winner of the Week showcases his fans love for him and his racing. Doug, it’s ok that your not a fan but there is no need to diminish what he’s achieved with negative remarks.

  6. You people are Narducci fans I say more power to you. Look at his profile. Look at who populates the winner circle when he wins. I see names like Arute and Pearl and Todd Owen. Be a fan that’s great. But in stead of pushing some nonsense about a 17 year old kid that’s accomplished everything on his own with charisma and unique abilities be honest. He was connected going in. Nothing to be ashamed of but it is what it is. And turning Alexandra and that move last Friday at Stafford were bonehead moves. Still not a fan.

  7. Really Doug?? Give the kid some credit. Give them all credit. What a shame Alexandra isn’t surrounded by anyone involved in the sport and has no support! Never heard of the Fearns!! Bryan is a great kid that has over come a ton of adversity in his life. He is a very nice kid with a great personality and is great for the sport. He drives like he wants to win. He’s definitely someone I’d want in my car. You speak like you know in depth about his financial situation but everyone you mention that surrounds him aren’t living lavish life styles and spending ridiculous amounts of money just to win races. They work really hard on their cars, build their own stuff and the results are there. Seems like Todd Owen puts a lot of time in for this kid…. must see some talent in him? He also built josh woods car who’s running better every week and helps David arute who runs good. Those guys are doing it the old way…. limited budget, building their own stuff and working hard. My kind of people. I’m sorry but I like seeing people like that run good instead of the spoiled brats who who don’t have to work hard like pennik, Williams, Wesson just to name a few. This sport is full of kids who’s parents will spend and spend just to get their kid on top. Thats not the case with Bryan. I’ve been going to the races throughout New England for a lot of years and have met a lot of people through those years. The pearl family is a true racing family that also has had success on a limited budget. Jerry pearl is there with Bryan (his grandson) every week as well as monadnock with his other grandson alaxander who also has a lot of success. Give them some credit. It’s nice to see. There isn’t a lot of stories like this left in racing and at 62 years old I’ve seen a lot of people come and go in this sport. My hats off to Bryan and the whole gang working with him. Keep it up kid! Doug give all these guys out there that put on the show credit. Without them there is no racing. Good luck guys I’ll be in turn 4 watching!

  8. Well that was a mouthful John. I have nothing more to add. Thanks for weighing in.

  9. Doug, Bryan is 16 and very accomplished for his second year racing. He has won multiple races and championships in kart racing. Seems to me it’s carried over. Bryan is a 3rd generation driver and has great racing pedigree as both grandfathers were the best at their craft. No matter what the circumstances you still have to wheel the car and he does it very well. Case closed.

  10. And thank you to you as well In The Know.

  11. He did it again. Turn 3. A suckers move. Going three wide where there is no real racing move that doesn’t involve some one backing off or wrecking. This time a real driver backed out, Lavoie to avoid a wreck.
    Case closed my foot. He’s a menace at times. Fearn and Lavoie doing some spectacular side by side racing and the kid sticks his nose it again. Amazing.He’s not even learning. He put fellow drivers in no win situation and doesn’t have the brains or grace to mention it in victory lane.

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